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Scorpius Rex - New hybrid coming

I really think it is, considering the fact that the last name of e750 is also rex and it’s never been seen before…

puede que sea del indominus rex tiene el adn de varios dinosaurios en la pagina oficial de jurassic world camp cretaceus este es el link Ultrasecreto | Laboratorio de Genética | Jurassic World: Campamento Cretácico la contraseña son los dinosaurios las imagenes de dinosaurio Confidencial | Ultrasecreto | Laboratorio de Genética | Jurassic World: Campamento Cretácico file:///C:/Users/home/Desktop/Jw.pdf y segura solo le meten el gen del escorpionde la indominus rex o habran animales y podremos obtener capsulas con su adn para hacerlo mas agresivo como por ejemplo le quiero cambiar el al carnotauro y tengo una capsula de serpiente se lo puedo agregar y que se mas repido fuerte con mas vida y que le cambie la agresividad y el color

It may be from indominus rex it has the dna of several dinosaurs on the official page of jurassic world camp cretaceus this is the link Ultrasecreto | Laboratorio de Genética | Jurassic World: Campamento Cretácico the password is the dinosaurs the dinosaur images https : // file: /// C: /Users/home/Desktop/Jw.pdf and surely they only put the gene of the scorpion of the indominus rex or there will be animals and we can Obtain capsules with your DNA to make it more aggressive, for example I want to change the carnotaur and I have a snake capsule, I can add it and it will repeat itself stronger with more life and change the aggressiveness and color

It is E750

ya se revelo el nombre del dinosaurio el nombre de la sala es e750 son diferntes cosas

Translated From Spanish:

The name of the dinosaur was already revealed the name of the room is e750 there are different things

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I have this figure that came from the hasbro line from 2015 and it looks like something that would be called Scorpius rex

Here is a more clear picture

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I completely forgot about those hasbro toys…

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G o o d.
Y o u s h o u l d h a v e.


It could be Indom G2

it already is a thing


Spoilers obviously.

But he’s an indominus rex, she has red eyes like the indominus rex, he’s white like the indominus rex, and he makes an indominus rex noise! it’s a new indominus rex!

just because its similar doesn’t mean its the same, even if this close, happens in nature all the time. But again pretty sure it has indom dna but isn’t exactly a close close member of the family like indoraptor is

it’s not because a toy was released that it’s scorpius rex because troodon, it never came out in the series! and sarcosuchus it never came out! and triceratops it never came out! and stygimoloch also …

the toy is green while e750 is white-brown and the eyes of e750 are red while they are yellow!

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was that horrid hasbro toy actually labeled as scorpius rex?

also can you elaborate what you’re saying here? I don’t understand, other than you saying dinos that don’t come out in the series got toys

I mean by that a ton of toys came out for the Cretaceous colo (troodon, sarcosuchus, stygimoloch, triceratops …) and they never came out in the series … so if even the scorpius Rex toy is released, that does not mean that he will come out in the series, maybe, that he will come out anyway …

If you look at the trailer, E750 isn’t white. She’s a golden brown sort of colour.

I think, considering the size of the containment device, she’ll be a velociraptor type creature or an early proto of the Indoraptor.