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Share the strategy for the new boss!Pls


Thank you!

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This doesn’t work. Bajatonodon gets KO’d in the first round every time by the sewer worm and scopius.

I tried a couple different combo’s from this, kept the two Keratoporcus’s, replaced the healer with Diloranosaurus, and went with Rajakylosaurus instead of the noodle. I got into the beginning of round 2.

I did better and got farther with my own trying before seeing this post and made it almost to round 3 and died on the 19th of the 20 rounds. I had 2 Dilo healers, Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus.

This worked for us on 2nd try, first was a KO on first round but next try there was no crit so breezed through it. Only difference was one ker was level 17



The above strategy pretty much works if Scorpius doesn’t crit on the first turn. It’s crit can take out any of the four creatures but it always picks on Poor Bajatonodon the healer. So if you get past the 1st turn, you have a good chance to win with this strategy.

The 1st round goes as planned.
The 2nd round can go in 2, 3 and 4 turns depending on how things go.
I won with 2nd round 2 turns and 4 turns twice and lost finishing the round in 3 turns in the 4th round.

The basic concept is there to follow and pretty much works. I finally beat Scorpius for the 1st time today but unlike others, it’s not quit down to math and science. So it can take a few tries.

I’m not sure how I’m going to help my alliance with this one because of the unknown factors of how the minions sometimes do different moves than what you expect and that sometimes is enough to mess up the plan. They have to have one of these 4 creatures at level 20. Most my alliance who wants to do raids, have their creatures in the mid to upper teens, not quite there.