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Scorpius went first, but I was faster

Just battled someone with a Scorpius 3. We both swapped in on the same turn - I swapped to Dracoceratosaurus, who was faster, higher level AND the first selected swap.

Despite this, Scorpius 3 still used Critical Ambush BEFORE Dracoceratosaurus used swap in savagery, even though she was slower. Only after the CA did she overspeed Dracoceratosaurus, but by that point, the savagery did a fraction of what it was supposed to.


I think its because Scorpios swap in has priority.
Doesn’t have the symbol so it might be a bug but I’ve noticed it aswell.

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My bets are that the move actually has a priority over other swap ins, since it’s essentially a copy paste of instant ambush


There’s nowhere in game that says this, but swapping also has “turns”, but opposite. The person that swaps in second has their swap-in effect go first, and then the first person to swap in has their effect activate. Idk why this is how it works, but it is.

Interesting. I haven’t experienced that myself, at least not when a creature is faster.

If Scorpius’ swap in does indeed have priority, they really need to mark it down as such.

It doesn’t have priority. It’s just that if both players swap in in the same turn, the 2nd player to swap in has their effect occur first

That’s never happened to me - if I’m faster, the swap in occurs first. It’s what’s helped me to win several matches in the past, because their dino has been slower than mine, so my swap in activates first.

Just as a note as well, there’s no actual way to know who swapped 1st

True… But I like to think that if a whole five seconds pass, there’s a good chance you selected your move first, especially when the rest of the match has progressed swiftly with little delay between both of you.

Huh, seems you’re right. Swap in abilities are based on speed. So it either means that SRex3 swap in has priority, or it was in fact faster than you

I’d like to think that too but we don’t “know”. I’ve actually had my opponents attack happen as Im selecting my move, it’s hard to be sure what you’re seeing vs your opponent

Had exactly the same thing happen to me in tournament and I believe it is (or should be) a bug. I swapped to Monolorhino, and they swapped to SRex3. My rhino was faster and the fastest dino always have their swap-in effect go first, as is the case when everything else swaps in. Fastest dino attacks first, which is how a rhino swapping in on a dracoceratops can stun it, meaning they don’t get a chance to attack.

It makes sense (from a programming point of view)if this is a copy of the priority move the SRex3 ends up going first on swap-in due to an oversight on the implementation, but since swap-in is its own priority it seems unfair to throw in a priority swap-in move.