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Scorpius's and Other New Creatures Try-out

I played the below team which was underwhelming and lost my first two battles to real people. Then I lost like 3 times to the pity AI. I swapped to a good team to get out of AI jail. I lost again and finally won against a real person when I got all 3 Scopius’s drawn. One on one by themselves, they are very mediocre. But they are really good to swap in as I won the last battle swapping in with Scorpius’s all 3 gens. The Unique Scorpius is the best of them that I can tell.

The other new legendary’s are not the greatest but for the next days, I will play with them. Megi and Scuto are always dead in 2 hits. Tsint may survive 3 because of the heal.

If your not concerned about winning these are all fun to play.