Scouting Dino’s?


So I’ve seen a lot of posts to make spoofing a natural part of the game and the community seems to be widely against it, and for good reason. But what about more freedom to just look around the map?
The players’ vision of the map is limited to their current surroundings, but what if it wasn’t? What if you could look around the map like “intel” from DPG for the location of dinosaurs. Obviously this “intel” idea is kinda put in place by park events, but I’m talking about just being able to look around town. Find the Dino’s, go to them.
This would be a huge help to me, who is always a driver and never a passenger. This way I could scout out Dino’s and go to them and hopefully dart. The balance and flaw of this idea is despawns. You scout a Dino, and go to it with the risk of not making it in time.
This doesn’t really change the “go out there and get them” aspect of the AR niche of JWA while maybe helping players’ issues with spawns and desire for more darting sessions.
Just an idea, let me know what you guys think.


I think a better way to address it would to be to send out a drone that can move around the map, but not dart. I’m currently tying to map the L1-L4 biome zones in my city and it is gas intensive… and kinda dangerous. A reconnaissance drone would be perfect.


I literally was about to write this post!

I agree it would be really cool to have some aspect of the game to steal the spoofing technology for purely scouting. I like W1ckety’s idea of have a dartless drone that can scout maybe out to 1000 meters or something.