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Scrapping a clan i created?

I left my last clan as quite a few members never attacked alphas, causing too many Alphas to escape, so i left the clan. I then decided to try creating my own clan, but there seem to be so few people playing who are looking to join a small clan.

I therefore want to scrap the clan so i can join another clan. How do i do this?

Click on another players name to make him the clan leader and then leave via the red exit button.

After you do, join me at “akatsuki slayers” and bring over some of your clan mates.

I’m on day 10 of a 19 day plan to get to 10* alphas. So far so good!


Because so few players want to join a small clan i have no members, got up to 5 but none now.

Regardless, come join me

To complete disband a clan you need to kick every single member and then go to the clan options (wher eyou can change the clan’s description and such). There you’ll find the option to disband the clan.

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Thanks, sorted. :+1:

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