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Screaming Death bug or working as intended?

I had two bomb stacked on 2nd and 3rd rows. I cleared top row but only 1 bomb moved up and exploded and the 2nd bomb only went up 1 row. Seems 2nd bomb should have gone up one row and then a 2nd when the top bomb exploded.

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I also had two instances of the bombs not clearing once reaching the top.
I had 2 bombs on either side of a vertical gem but only one went to the top and cleared, the 2nd went to the 2nd row.
These caused my dragons to die prematurely.
I’ve sent screenshots to support

I came here to post/complain about the same issue. There was apparently a server-side update to buff the 10* Screaming Death so it launches 2 bombs at the board, which is already crazy, because how do you clear 2 bombs spread across the board in 3 turns?

But the kicker is when the bombs stack vertically as @Talisax describes and as you see in the picture… because while it is then technically easier to get them to the top, where you would think they would both explode back at the alpha, only one of them explodes back at the alpha. The other one sticks and explodes back at the attacking dragons.

Boo! Ludia, on all counts.

You seem to be tweaking constantly in the determination to make the 10* alphas unbeatable for the time being (except for broken Shellfire)


You hinted at it and I’ll say it. They need more playtesting to balance things out. Dud they playtest the 10* alphas to see how it actually plays out?

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Hey all, thank you so much for bringing this up to our attention! Please rest assured that we’ve brought this to our developer team and they are looking into fixing the issue asap! In the meantime, if you need additional clarification please contact our support team at with your support key!


I had a similar problem, but I think this screenshot should explain everything. Take a good look at the matchmaking board.

The purple tile to the right of the blank one is covering a red vertical special tile. Then there’s a red and purple 3 match not moving. This happened around when the turn number at the top read 14. I know it says seven here, but I was in shock before. I also could not see the matches being made by the auto-match system until they happened. I couldn’t make matches myself, either.