Screen hanging

Getting a little annoyed. I am never a person to complain I work in customer service myself.

Trying to aquire 3 star SCALE and use runes to keep going.

Then the screen just hangs.

What annoys me most is I have reported several issues now and only once has anyone contacted me back.

I enjoy the game but when people spend real money and have to work around bugs you should compensate everyone. Uknow what the the main bugs are that are continuing to effect players, at least replying would be nice.

Thank you


I’m sorry that happened with your game, @Veroncore. I can understand how frustrating it can be. Our team has received similar reports of this, and they’re actively looking into it.

Hi @Ned

This is happening to some of our clan members.

Same fight the last few dragons on video games day. The event will be over soon. It was at the same point twice.

Also screen recorded this.

The bottom dragon cannot be selected while all others can on both attempts.


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Hey Veroncore, could you ask your clan members to reach out to our team here at with their support key so our team can try and make this right for them?

Same thing has been happening to me. Wasted a whole bunch of energy and am about to just stop playing for the day. Very annoying. Event will be over.

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Happened to me too…lost 28 energy and 300 runes today…tomorrow game day will be over…

I think this is no Bug. Ludia will only not let us get the premium draft in this RNG Event.


Same I can’t pass last node on game day or the purple 3* scale quests due to freezing and support don’t even reply back to my tickets, fed up of wasting energy, runes & money when they cant fix basic issues


This isn’t intentional, I have seen the game freeze for a few seconds before catching up, but these freezes hang indefinitely.

Pretty disappointing it happened during a special event, and only on the very last level. Some of us don’t even care about the runes or energy or premium draft token, but having the game freeze /only/ after a special burst (which is the only way to really win the final level) is unbelievably frustrating for a event meant to prove skill and status. (I haven’t had any freezing with any other levels, fortunately)

Not much you guys can do to fix it at this point, and maybe it’s nothing but bad luck, but it would be in the game’s best interest to sooth the massive irritation/let down.


Three freezes whenever it looks manageable. Frustrating :confused:


It will only freeze at this Moment, if it a bad round no freeze.