Screen issue when hunting at night

At night on the map when looking in certain directions the map goes blue… It differs depending on where i am but and some areas i can look all directions with no issue but it seems to be the same directions and geographic locations consistently. I have no issues whatsoever during the day… When the screen blues out i can still poke at my screen and launch on dinosaurs and things but i can’t see what it is until the drone is launched… If i am facing a direction that i can see and select a supply drop, dinosaur, or strike event and the camera turns in the direction that normally turns the screen blue then it will also turn the screen blue but still i can interact with the onscreen buttons but cannot see anything… The whole screen turns blue, not just the map, All the buttons as well… This has been happening for months started in july or august i think I have changed phones once and reinstalled the game several times

Hey there, @Salty, that really doesn’t sound like the game is performing the way it was intended. Can you reach out to our support team at so that they can take a closer look at things on their end? If you can include your support key in the original e-mail, that will really speed up the whole process. Thanks!

Thanks for getting back to me… Being an adult with a full time job during the day means I mostly play at night and this has been really frustrating… Especially now that the sun sets at 5 in the afternoon. My gf has an iphone and she doesn’t have any of these kinds of issues, we often go out hunting together although for me lately it’s just been a grumbly stroll in the dark.

Probably something faulty with your phone. What I hate most is the black targeting +. Because it is dark at night, I tend to turn the brightness down to lessen the glare but that makes the + so much harder to see.

I can see just fine when the map is facing a direction that doesn’t turn the entire screen blue… By my house i can look west south and east but if i look north the screen goes blue… A couple miles away and i can look every direction but northeast… Other areas i can look any direction and see just fine… If i walk from my house to the north i can keep seeing everything when looking south till eventually i hit an area where i can’t see in any direction and some areas where i can only see a few degrees but panning around results in the blue screen…