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Screen time


Just discovered this screen time function on iphone. Perhaps there is a similar feature on other platforms? Anyway, would be fun/embarrassing to see some other player stats for this game!

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I keep the game open a lot just sitting on my desk charging station.

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Hey I’m definitely hardcore…
I pick up the game early mourning, when the ‘In Game Afternoon’ starts, and by that time I’ve already finished strikes ETC, and the new school gets in the way… but 3:15 is the time the game resets, and also the time I get out of school, so it fits nicely there!



And you’ll understand the reset time because we live in the same place… lol


Lol, I thought it would be more, I guess I work and sleep way more than I thought? :thinking:

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Yes perhaps that is the take home message here! We work too much and should play more!

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I used to play way more but end of senior year got me dead