Screenshot spoofers


Im screenshotting every spoofer I beat or lose to because Im planning on powerlvling my dinos later next week. If I see these guys in the tourny though theres zero chance im spending money😂


That’s not a bad idea, I’ve been checking after every battle to see if it was a spoofer/cheater although it’s pretty easy to tell when they have mostly level 27 and up dinos.


I wish Ludia would put in the option to flag them for review to be suspended banned for spoofing/cheating.


Legomin is not a spoofer…

He is on Metahub daily and admittedly spends quite a bit on this game. He also plays several hours a day.

You shouldn’t call out people without knowing for sure. I had a post removed for posting an actual spoofer marked by Ludia.


I’ve already stopped spending money if I’m going to be forced to play against cheaters. I’m doing free offers instead of spending real money, which also takes time away from JWA and gives other apps my attention instead. The way Ludia handled the cheaters would be like if you went to the store and found out that someone took a dump all over a bunch of the aisles, and then the store just tells you “Well, they’re a paying customer too. We can’t lose their business. Just deal with it.” Eventually only scumbags will return and legitimate players will go elsewhere to avoid putting up with the BS.


I just don’t think they’re catching them fast enough. I must have battled one that got slapped on the wrist. He was in the Sorna Marshes with all level 5-7 Dinos. Best I can figure is you can’t make it there with Dino’s that weak unless you were on the way down.


I guess you gonna still see them in arena, but they are not ranked/counted into tournament, similar to current situation.
Unless ludia releases a big UI updates tomorrow or completely block cheaters from battling.


So just because they say they’re not spoofing means they actually don’t? It doesn’t matter if its he is active on your server or spends a lot. You can tell progress in this game if they spoof or not easily.


It’s also very easy to just cry cheat when someone is further in the game than you. I comment a lot on anti spoofer topics and want them banned asap. But not everyone that has a strong team is a spoofer. :v:


But if theyre not ranked with the minimum top 500 trophies thats a dead giveaway at least


The one I’m commenting on in the picture is ranked and wasn’t banned.


True. Its possible they got missed by the ban wave but some people have spent thousands on this game already lol so anythings possible


So how do you really know for sure if a person has just spent a boatload of money on this game or has obtained dinos by some hack that give them unlimited coins or the people who Fly GPS?

It seems to me the people who Fly GPS can’t get all these really high level legendaries because they are not found wondering around parks. Am I missing something here?


I’m not a spoofer. But it’s an honor to be callled one when it’s not true :joy:.


:joy::joy::joy: I trust you are not or you would have been banned like many other cheaters.


Is easy to call someone hacker when they are lazy or dont have money xd


Whales (people who spend a massive amount of money on the game) can easily be mistaken for spoofers. especially if they are also dedicating 2-3 or more hours a day catching dinos.


Spoofers can create Legendaries more easily and level them more easily than regular players since they can gather more epic and other DNA that is required to do so.

The fact is, WE CAN’T POSSSIBLY TELL IF A PERSON IS A CHEATER since they can be mistake whales (people who spend a large amount of money on the game) for spoofers or hackers.

That is why I suggested that Ludia add a flag for spoofer/cheater so that we can flag a player for review by Ludia. They could look at a log and tell if a person is spoofing for hacking or possible even observe them in action.


It is a good idea, but this system can be abused, everyone who loses a fight will just report their opponent out of frustration, and let’s be honest, Ludia is not going to check thousands and thousands of players (especially that some would be flagged more than once), they even barely respond to emails and support tickets.


We can’t tell but Ludia can, easily. Since spoofer can have whatever DNA when they want they only need coins. Coins are cheaper when buying alone.
Ludia can evaluate the level of dinos against how many spent in shop and how. Someone is darting 10 t-rex at really different locations in a day ? Easy call.I guess they caught a lot of them using this.

And I don’t want a report system (too easily abused and tons of work for Ludia with a little benefit), I want Ludia to look closer to the top players, the top progression, compare activity pre-ban/post-ban, etc…