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Screwy Spawns


Anyone else seeing completely out of place spawns? I saw a Deino and a Dracorex in L4 and now I just saw a Proceratosaurus in L4? Is L4 just Area 51 now? I thought Proceratosaurus was arena exclusive.


hybrid pursuit - procera is available in the wild this week :slight_smile:


Well, technically speaking, any creature can spawn at any place at any time as long as it has a spawn rate. They’re just more common in certain local zones and/or times of day. But I’ve definitely been seeing a lot more out of place spawns since 1.6. The really funny thing in my opinion is that you saw a local 1 creature in local 4, but I live in local 1 and saw a Suchomimus. :joy:

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That explains Proceratosaurus then. Thanks!

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L4 is still area 51 though.

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I saw a Koola in L3 today.
No possible nests around.
That 1% spawn :neutral_face:


They also have their nest for spawning. And spawning in nest can happen in any area.

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