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Found one of the new guys out walking this morning. I have to try out these new guys in friendly battles to see how the revenge thing is suppose to work.



I like the revenge moves overall… good concept… may need a tweak here or there.


I’m assuming you haven’t understood the new revenge abilities yet. It’s super basic, and I feel like Ludia kinda overcomplicated the explanation.

After one of your creatures die, revenge gets activated and you can bring in a revenge creature to get those special effects. Revenge only works immediately after one of your creature’s death, meaning using any other move will result in losing the revenge effect. The same goes for not picking a revenge creature.


I have yet to see one. Frustrating.


Oh, that isn’t as good as I thought it was. I thought it was some sort of counter attack.



I found one yesterday and did not expect it to run so fast.

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From Saturday. Got it on the first try!

I managed to get mine yesterday afternoon. One appeared by itself and two from a gigascent.

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I have been Lucky finding scuto near me I got mine to lvl 15

Glad to see you safely physical distanced, cause he looks dangerous

Got mine a few days ago… Revenge is like using a creatures delay straight up, haven’t seen that Asto-chop thing yet. (forgotten it’s name) One thing I will say is… That Scutosaurus will be in big trouble if it has to give a urine sample after its battles… (I’m sure it’s on the "ROIDS!!":syringe:)