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sDNA discussion and planning

So with the new update we are no longer at the mercy of Ludia’s rotation. We are now capable of picking which sDNA we wish to earn.

As simple as it seems I think there are definitely a few things to consider with this.

Looking for others thoughts and share my own.

My thoughts for now…

So I have all the sHybrids, 10 lvl 1 Indo’s, 9 or so Mono’s, 2 lvl 20’s, 7 or so Tape’s, 2 lvl 20’s, 4 lvl 10 Spino’s and maybe 10 lvl 10 Diplo’s and 4 lvl 10 Dime’s

Priorities certainly change in this game as you progress and sHybrids have the worst stat for lvl/fusion increases in the game which is something to consider.

I really like Spino and Dime but after you add indoraptors they are kind of meh and of no importance. With their short cool downs, keeping them in the lvl 1-10 range for tournaments (depending on your strat) is currently where i find them most useful but not needed by any means. Spino can be useful for me still with it’s high attack but i have 4, so don’t need more right now as they are used very infrequently for pve

With that being said I will not be farming sDNA for Dime or spino anytime soon despite how much I like Spinotasuchus

Diplo, the weakest of all the sHybrids and only amphib. I use this thing a good bit for tournaments and on d1’s game as she is pre indoraptor. On my game after indoraptor my lvl 10’s are pretty much strictly tournament duty and occasional rare pve. Even at lvl 20 they are not all that impressive but eventually i would like a few lvl 20’s. They are also the least expensive so getting copies of them from just random sarco sDNA prizes isn’t all that difficult. Not going to put this in rotation currently.

Brings us to mono and tape, I think these are pretty solid choices to go with and will stick with how the game had it prior to the update. I could use more lvl20’s and the lvl 10’s are still useful even with lvl 1 indoraptors. These dino’s are super useful on both D1 and D2’s games as well and will probably keep theirs the same. After I win a few more spinoraptors on D2’s game i will eventually farm some kapro s dna for some spino’s, they are awesome at lvl 10 in the 4-6k ferocity team range.

Last thought is the raptor sDNA, i think it is going to be tempting for most mid/early players to cycle this out of the event sDNA prizes and I would urge against it. As useless as it seems at times there will be a time when you will be glad to have 25k + raptor sDNA. It’s kind of like some kind of high yield penny investment. Seems pointless but after a while you will be glad.

I’ll keep the mono and raptor sDNA in the pve mission prizes and the tape in the code 19’s for now. New sHybrid coming might shake things up a bit will have to wait and see.

Those are my thoughts, curious what other players are doing and why.


as a level 65 player with indominus rex level 10 being my best dino, I decided to put out the raptor sdna, and put sarco, because he is a good amphibian, and tapej because I am reading myself for a ferocity jump to indo rex level 20 ferocity and level 1 tape shbrid would be perfect, I have also put mono sdna on code 19 so I can slowly upgrade the number until I dont need sarco anymore and then will switch sarco for mono

Also I decided not to do raptor sdna, because I dont need it, and wont need it for a long time, I slowly progress, and I am not ready at all for raptor sdna, if I did that, I would need to jump so high in ferocity!!!


Here’s what I’m doing…

I’ll keep Velociraptor in my rotation, despite having maxed both Indoraptors, because I’ve a feeling that Scorpius Rex if added to JWtG (hey, Alive has it. Time to copy paste!) it might require Velociraptor DNA. Especially since Alive took the route of entirely guessing on Scorpius’ components. Scorpius Gen 2 of Alive is made of Monolophosaurus Gen 2 and Carnotaurus; Gen 1 is made of Purrutasaurus (Purrusaurus and Carnotaurus hybrid) and Monolophosaurus; as for the Gen 3 it’s a hybrid of Gen 2 and Gorgosaurus. Similarly JWtG, unless they add some more creatures, might go with hybridising existing creatures and could possibly require Velociraptor DNA since again Scorpius’ components were not defined in the show allowing Alive and theorizing the same for The Game to guess to their wish.

If not Scorpius, more Indoraptors for me! For some reason since I was a level 25 player and started unlocking S-DNA missions, I took them very seriously. Like you mentioned, it showed during recent months when I started adding (and maxing) Indoraptors. As for the second I’m definitely going Dimetrodon. With all due respect to the other classes being shadowed by Carnivores, Dimetrocarnus is actually, again like you said, very helpful in Tournaments. Level 20 can be used for Fodder-main-fodder strat and get around 39 or 40 trophies per win. I might change it to Kaprosuchus soon since I’ve already six level 20 Dimetrocarnus, after maybe one or two more.


I am going with sarco and eupho for now, and then sarco and mono with dime for code 19. Sure raptor s dna is vital for endgame (and I do regret not being able to get dominator in the s dna tournament) but my line up definitely needs the other s hybrids much more right now.

My plan is to get full paddocks of level 1 tapejal, monos and dimes with level 10 diplos, and having raptor sdna out of circulation helps me achieve this target faster.
Once I have enough sdna to get those, then I would switch raptor back in along with more sarco for level 11 diplos or whatever sdna the new herbivore hybrid will be.


While I agree that spinotasuchus is meh in comparison to indoraptor it has a far shorter cooldown so that’s something to consider with certain hybrids. I’ve kept all my spinotasuchus at level 10 for tournament purposes and have increased my dimes to 30 for PvE. I dont really need anymore carnivores or pterosaurs so I’ve chosen to build up my diplo army for the time being, may switch to velo sometime in the future though but for now 38k velo dna is plenty for me.

Just to note aswell if you were looking to make dna from sdna them dime is the best option as its sell price is far greater than the other s hybrids (excluding Indos obviously but these cost twice as much).


At the moment, I am in need of amphibians (my best being gorgosuchus lvl 13 and second best diplosuchus lvl 20) so I went sarco for the 1st slot in battle events SDNA rewards. After amphibians, I need herbivores so I went mono for the 2nd.
For code 19 I thought I am slowly going for indoraptor and indoraptor gen 2 so my code 19 is raptor.


I’m currently working on getting my Monolophosauruses and Tapejalocephaluses to level 21, Spinotasuchuses and Dimetrocarnuses to level 11, and Diplosuchuses to level 30. After that, I’ll reevaluate where things stand


I have selected Raptor and Diplosuchus in the mission rewards and raptor for Code 19 rewards. I want to max out my Diplosuchus paddock and I need more indoraptors, if I could I would select all raptor SDNA if that was an option.

Diplosuchus is a go to for me in tournament battles once in Dominator, and it is the closest I have to being maxed and it’s the cheapest to create.


Sarco and mono for the daily smissions. And mono for code 19s. I want more monosteggies but then I saw how long they take to hatch.

But both are superior for farming DNA. Mono and Tape both are only useful for adding to your roster.

With Diplo being the only Amphib S-Hybrid, the late game is choked for amphibs. Dime is thee best for farming DNA, which I use to buy more copies of Ostapo and soon Gorgo, maybe even get Koola up to L40.

For me S-Hybrids aren’t used for beefing up my roster outside of Indos, Monos, and Tapes. Dime and Spinot are the best for farming DNA, and Diplo is a decent B-tier dino at L40 in my roster.

Depending on how good the Giga S-Hybrid is, I might rotate her SDNA in to quickly get a copy of her. After that it’s back to Raptor-Dime SDNA for me.


in midgame the S-hybrids below indoraptor are really very useful especially for tournaments


i always stay with raptor as main second i have sarco and code 19 dimetrodon as rare s- hybrid i will maxed first an eucephaluse i have 7 000 now which is enough for now

I going to keep Raptor And mono dna because in need more of those guys and switched the code 19 to euplo dna because I need more of those guys and once I have enough monostegotops probably switching it over to dimetrodon for selling them for dna and code 19 to whatever the new super hybrid is and everything else will be made by vip SDNA building

About new SDNA , that will be added, since the basic hybrid is 90% Giganocephalus = 2. s-Hybrid super rare, it doesn’t look bad, but I still like mono more, so I don’t think I’m going to have a new SDNA in the following months (after all, I’ve only been playing since March , after resetting my game for hacking) and when I will need a stronger herbivore, I will go with mono SDNA rather than the new one, but so far I need to balance the team with more amphibians and pterosaurs (as you can see from my screenshot. hatched the last diplotators (16), I hatch the remaining nundagosaurs and after save some DNA back, I will hatch ophacomimes and then I throw myself at tapejalosaurs, again will hatch 16 - exactly 15 …

(but I’m still a little sad about the lack of nasuteratops and a locked carnotaur, especially the carnoraptor I miss)


Why not fusing indo gen2 to make a level 20, perfect for tournament also indominus rex gen1 to 20 would be good, plus level 30 spinoraptor and ankylodocus and tape shybrid
You really need ptero, only pterodactyl is not good

If you’re referring to @Lucky14 fusing his 2 lvl 10 Indom gen 2’s to make 1 lvl 20; that would be a massive jump in ferocity(about 1600 above the lvl 20 VIP’s) and could cause alot of issues for PvE until they are able to add alot more depth in between the lvl 20 indom and lvl 20 VIP’s.

why should be pterodactylus bad? it isnt. two indo g2 i am still keeping for now, for indo 1 no raptors on 40 still and tapejalocephalus and diplosuchus are main target now, it is still be longer time than i start with super rare hybrids, as i have mine own system to maxing all gradually, and outside of this my system I only go when i need to balance a team, or when I can put some vip to a higher level

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I have one L16 Diplosuchus and am keen to get another at this sort of level, but also keep my 3 L10’s for tournament use. So I have been slowly and painfully scraping together Sarco sDNA as I had nearly run out. I welcome the chance to speed this up and so have Sarco on code 19 and one battle reward choice. My second choice was Kapro as I haven’t had enough yet to make Spinotasuchus. I have enough Mono and Euplo in hand at the moment and a lot of Velociraptor, though I will come back to it as I know that ‘a lot’ doesn’t go far in the end.

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Oh noo, you misunderstood me, I said having ONLY pterodactylus is bad, I love ptero, it is an excellent dinosaure, I was only saying that you need a lot more pterosaure

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I see, yes that’s true actually