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Sdna event

Is it just me or do these events seem to have a massive jump in difficulty at the same time as a tournament?

Usually I face things around ferocity of a level 40 trex not a level 20 indominus.

Anyone else seen this pattern?

Those events are typically pretty difficult but easily able for me to complete. Events go by top 3 creatures able to battle. So never level up dinosaurs much above others imo. Its the other event today that is much more difficult and annoying to me.


The two battles after were much easier, just annoyed at the tapej health mis judged it and lost 3 creatures to cooldown which was annoying :confused: damn that things way to op haha.

And yeah the claim your territory is not worth it for a chance at a pack heres my first battle…

I do it for the 14 sdna lol. You never even get the pack anyways.

I’ve actually gotten the pack a couple of times recently. I mean it’s not a great pack, but it is a pack


So did I but the pack is not great, usually never get it though. This event should be done with aquatics imo.

You don’t need to use three strong creatures against 3 strong creatures
take advantage of class

I know. i usually use one good creature, one common, and one medium level one. Works great.

Yeah il complete that event later once I’ve done some tournament battles

Today I found it harder, haven’t completed it yet. Just got into Dominator.

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I got it today, together with130 loyalty points.


metria showing who’s boss :joy:


Did the claim your territory event and the 3 battles after the first were much easier, went down to using level 40 ledgendaries and level 10 vips, worth it for the sdna not so worth it for another elasmosaur haha

I won a xiphactinus and look at the level of my creatures above :point_up: :joy:

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A nice little snack for your metriaphodon :joy: