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sDNA Lab Progress Lost

Problems with the VIP buildings continuing… went to play today and found my s-DNA lab wasn’t in the park. When I put it back out, all my progress was gone! Back to 5/day instead of the 10/day I had unlocked and paid my DBs for. Sigh. Sent a support ticket in but wondered if it happened to anyone else.

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This sucks …
Ludia why? :anguished:

Edit. This is a shame. The added bonus is the extended wait time for any resolution whatsoever.

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Yes, assuming they do give me a resolution, I’ll be losing 15 sDNA a day until then.

I don’t know if I might have somehow accidentally stored the building without meaning to (the other VIP buildings around it were still out, and I wasn’t doing any park reorganizing etc. that might explain it, but could happen I guess)… but doesn’t seem like it should clear your process even if you do that.

Yea. I guess my whole “sorry you’re disappointed with our support team” response I got should lead me to not assume a positive resolution is coming.

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Happened to me a few months ago. I was up to 1000 Dna per cycle. I thought it was something I did so never pursued it. Interesting it’s another fault. Btw got my lost dinos back but have to hatch and then fuse. I got food,Dna and bucks to help but it will take days to get there.

This happened to my regular DNA building. The game updated and progress was lost.

Support just gave me like 1000DNA.

But, if you do the math, I lost for more than that over time of being at lower levels until max vs when I would have maxed it.


I have submitted a ticket for my loss of sdna. This is getting frustrating. One issue fix seems to lead to another issue.

Do you mean your sDNA lab disappeared from the park like mine? I’m still waiting on a reply from support… tomorrow will be one week, and at 15 sDNA lost per day, that’s 105 total I’ll have missed so far that I should have gotten.

Yes it was not on the map. I had to place it back and that is when I saw the quantity of sdna dropped.

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I wonder how difficult it is for Ludia to fix this bug and the fusion lab… I’m not even a VIP… but these complaints are very frequent on the forum… I felt compelled to comment :rofl:

Yeah sounds like the same problem I had. Did you lose your ICL at the same time? That hasn’t happened to me but at least that one doesn’t lose progress at the same time if you do.