Sdna pack for dna

Did this just show up today? Last one lasted a week I think. For sure will buy some but more of the Euop dna hopefully soon to get lots of armor birds.

I just finished this guy today, nevertheless I bought one package.


Looks awesome. How does he fit into your lineup?

I guess you’re banking on not having to compete in a super-rare only event


Right on. I could make a 40 too, but won’t for that precise reason. Ditto the monostegotops.


I wonder what the last Superhybrid is, there’s only one empty slot left.

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I was just about to ask if anyone thought the pack was worth it. I’m about 800 SDNA short of another one and the pack gives you 640. Should I go for it?

He is at position 15 in my normal lineup, so he cannot interfere with my average ferocity.

He is my strongest super rare, but I have two lvl 40 Monostegotops too for a while and they caused no problems in events so far. Of course my super rare pterosaur and amphibians are weak but I cannot change this.
The past only super rare events were no problem to me, they seem to be much easier as they used to be. That’s why I decided to take the risk.


You know your lineup better than we do

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And here I was debating whether to take them above level 10…

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it depends, for that amount of DNA I can get another Gorgosuchus and have two at lvl 20 which is better than what I could accomplish with the SDNA.


Something special is being cooked…


That’s kind of how I was seeing it as well. Thanks @Bobby_Farmer!

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