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SDNA trades

It would be great if we could buy SDNA
As well to get more Indoraptors

After doing the first one at 500 : 100, I think I have had two more, 500 : 110 and 500 : 130. I don’t remember exactly but they were for more than the first I remember that.

Hmm there are SDNA in the event but it is still rare to get them

I think you’re right. I’ll soon have 5 diplosuchus at level 10. Hesitant on leveling them up in case we ever have another rare-only Jurassic tourney.

Yup I need to hatch number five, I have one level 20 and two level 10s right now. I probably leave the three level 10s for a bit. I might go for twos, meaning once I have two anything beyond that goes for leveling so once I get four level 10s I will make another level 20, and then build back up to four level 10s again and make one level 20, repeat again which will give me four level 20s then I will make a level 30. Then keep going that way until I get a level 40.

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1 level 30 and 1 level 10, i just need 3 more to get it to level 40, whereas I won’t evolve any of my Monostegotops past level 20 (otherwise it would power creep my roster).