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Sea Creatures' Flotation Device

Hey Ludia, this might just be one person’s opinion, but I’d much prefer it if sea creature’s remained relevant in normal battles instead of being separated from land creatures.
Seeing as we have lore in the game for technology like the dart drones retrieving DNA for us, I think it would be perfectly reasonable for us to use technology to allow sea creatures to move and breathe outside the water.
It would be cool if we had some kind of device that we put on sea creatures that essentially allows them to float and breathe in battle so they will be relevant. It would just be something simple like the device attached to Thor’s neck in the movie, Thor: Ragnarok

In the wild, I would like it if the sea creatures needed to be rescued from being beached instead of being darted or something that made it different. Perhaps some sea creatures would be stuck and others would already have the flotation device thanks to other players having saved them already.
The sea creatures that already have the flotation device could be darted normally since they can move.
This would add an element of gameplay, especially if we needed to collect the flotation device as a usable item.