Search a new clan - 6400 - 150k damage


Im French player active

Are you looking for a clan of amazing, cooperative and active members? Valhalla’s Outlaws are part of a 4 clan family with Finest being the head Clan and the FIRST clan to take down a 10 star alpha. Outlaws are currently killing 8 stars every day and 9 stars while working on the higher of the 9stars. We are attempting to get higher up, we all log our damage to the alpha per hit so we can make sure that we can take the 9star down or hold off our energy for the next alpha. We use discord where we chat, trade secrets and learn all we need to learn about dragons, alphas, strategies and soooo much more (also have an amazing recipe channel if you are keto… we got you!). Once you get high enough, learn enough you have the opportunity to continue to move up to the higher clan and help them! Do you need a break for Vacation? No problem, we can move ya down to another one of our clans to hold your spot!! No booting out of our family because of IRL issues or just needing a bit of a break. We are the first of our kind so if you are looking to join this amazing family of clans…Hit me up on Discord!! Isabella#6008. We do require you to have Discord, Log every hit of your attacks on non rest days, 5000BP with good roaster depth, Attack the alpha in the first 60 minutes of it appearing, minimum 7 attacks per alpha, willing to learn and improve and do your best!

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We Winter Veil would love to have you in our clan :slight_smile: We might not the strongest clan, but we can defeat every 7*. We are players from many places in the world, and we would like to move forward and defeat higher alphas as a team.

Why should you join us?

  1. 4* dragons guaranteed for every level 7 chest opened.
  2. We have a French player in our clan. So it would be nice to have another French hehe.

Note: We don’t use discord. If you do FB, we have a private and fun FB group chat for sharing information and help each other build their team if needed.

Requirement: Should be cooperative and active in clan chat.

We are going to fight a 7* alpha in some more hours, if you decide to join, I will make a spot for you.

We have 4 clans each with thier own damage ranges . Our discord is a large community with many resources to help perfect your teams and strategies. A great group that is unfaultering through any Ludia update. Top tier clan bouncing to 10* alphas. HMU let’s chat. @Doume

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