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We are 5 pretty active players ranging from 2.800 to 4.400 trophies. We are currently looking for a new alliance, since ours is pretty small and we are not able to get all the rewards.

We’d love to have a funny or at least interesting clan name since ours was awesome (Snackosaurus).

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Well you only have room for 2 players, also 20 battles a day is a little much for some of us.

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Join Pittsburgh Apex. We are looking for more active players currently have 40 members just cleared inactives. Trophy ranges about 4500-2500 so you would be a great addition to the team. Message me for more details

We are also looking for new members. No limits on how much you have to play. Just as long as you are playing. We are small as well but would love to have you. We will be removing several unactive people from our alliance today.

@SloanRanger Your alliance looks promising, we have nothing to do with Pittsburgh though.

@nerfousmaximus what’s your alliances name?

I’ve just posted about our alliance. We’re small too and our main group of players (4 of us) are in the same trophy range as you. We also have some active lower level members who recently started.

I’m afraid our name, SentinelSucks, was a joke between two airplane nerds in the group :woman_shrugging: Sooo… can’t help you there. :laughing:

This is us

Glipglopsandterryflaps. Not gonna lie most of u guys would b at the top but would love to have some new players that actually play.

Andrew Gill

@nerfousmaximus and @Viciouspancake86 this might be an out there suggestion but would you guys be interested in a three way merge? We currently have 12 players but I’m pretty sure -at least- two of those are inactive. We’re not fussy about keeping our name or anything so could join one of you, whichever keeps their alliance going.

Interesting idea, we’d have to see if there’s enough room for everybody though

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Hey guys looove the idea. Jus messaged my leader to throw it past him but i think we can make that work. Almost half our alliance at zero trophies for season and as far as im concerned they just mooching.


Hey guys, BoneRaptors can welcome you…at the moment we have 2 free spots but we can clear 3 more spots…our alliance is a international, friendly and funny alliance…we are dedicated (5/4 or 5/3 last 3weeks). Joining our discord channel is required.
Let me know if you are interested

Hey @Blackiosaurus and @Viciouspancake86 leader says he is in. Sounds like a great idea. Just let me know if ur serious and we’ll make it happen.

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