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Searching a good alliance

Im level 12 and i have a little more of 3000 trophies Im an active player good in pvp and tournaments

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Hey do you use discord? If so we have a spot for you :slight_smile:

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Sorry but i don’t use discord you now about a alliance that not use discord ? I accept suggestions

ContinentalDrift is my alliance, we have discord but don’t require it. We just ask that you help with missions, and tournaments and be active. (If you’ve got to be away just give us a heads up).

We’re a casual alliance that still does 8/9 in tournament. If you’re an active player we are happy to take you in :-). No Discord, but we have a non-mandatory Telegram chat to coordinate raids. Let us know if you’re interested. More info in the flyer

If you all have room I would be interested in joining

Hi Ayorell!

Thanks for showing interest in our alliance. Let me see if we can make some room for you if you’re still interested. Sorry for the late reply!