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Searching collection items for limited time/ edition dragons... Pointless?


Has anyone noticed that when Toothless searches for collection items that if you choose the shortest search settings you get maybe a 2 or 3 in 5 chance in getting the collection item desired when using the 20 minute speed up option? I’ve noticed that watching the videos for speed up may allow you a few runes, but if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait the full search time that if you choose the shortest amount of time for search and then choose the 20 minute speed up option you generally end up with an egg, fish, or wood on a single bag. Now if you choose 2 or more bags the chance of getting the collection item desired is higher, but not much better for the runes you use to get the extra collection bags.

I find it very disappointing that often times especially when I search for a limited time /edition dragon in collection I will use speed up and get most of the items, but just as I get to the last item time runs out and then not only am I out the time and effort of getting those items, I’m also out on the runes I spent trying to get the extra collection bags in hopes for a greater chance of getting the items I desire to collect. This generally happens about every other limited time/special edition dragon. Most likely in hopes the player won’t notice and therefore such a glitch couldn’t be placed on Ludia. But why and what reason would there be to stall the player from getting the loot until the last possible moment? More money paid for runes perhaps? Interesting how I get more most times as a paying player than not. Now obviously if I don’t choose speed up I find I get more of the item I desire and my efforts using runes isn’t entirely wasted. So I’m curious and wondering why the least amount of time you get less for your runes and why should using speed up get you less for your effort than if a speed up was never used? And why always an egg, fish or wood, when you can’t get the collection item desired? I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m growing bored of the same rewards for collection items.

And still, why does toothless only get to search using collection bags? Why not other dragons? Sure, great, Ludia has shown effort to have other classic dragons such as barf and belch go on journeys collecting items using the game of chance with a spin wheel, but come on now!!! The chances of getting anything that way is slim to none and those adventures just take too long to complete. In fact the length of time set on them is ridiculous and I’ve given up altogether on them!! I totally understand a challenge, but come on Ludia… Almost 2 days for a good majority of dragons searching for wood, fish, or journey?? And then asking players on occasion for a limited time to pay to shorten searches, journeys and such??
Ludia, you wouldn’t have to throw limited promotions to get that money from players if you didn’t cause players to lose interest in certain aspects of the game in the first place . And if you’re going that far anyway what are the chances of getting some loyal players back to play? I would think slim to none if you keep pulling dirty antics to get your greedy half of the game. I love playing the game as much as anyone else and a loyal player for maybe 5+ years, but c’mon K. I. S. S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)!!
I’m not posting to complain, just some realistic constructive criticism here.


I agree with your frustration on going after limited time dragons. I stopped doing it. In all my attempts I only ever manages to snag one this way, and if you don’t get the dragon all the time you spent trying is wasted.

Now I work on the collection I currently need (which is more often then not a legendary dragon to unlock) and I completely ignore the special dragon offers.

The only one I would ever attempt would be if they put Cloudjumper in, as he is the only one I have left to get in Brawl.


Yes I agree, it’s a distraction from a collection you are working on. Also often the dragon is not very strong. If it can’t collect 12K+ for over 5 hours (ideally 8 or more so you can sleep) then useless in my opinion. So rarely try to complete.