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Searching for a alliance

I’m level 15 right now and have 4537 trophies. I do my tournament take downs and I am online almost everyday. I’m currently in a chill alliance but I want to get more competitive. I just want one with at least 7/10 weekly and 10/15 tourney. I do not have discord…:confused:

like you could join, ‘33 is humor and wise’ or 'apexpredators

Going to be pretty hard without discord

Apexpredators is the best alliance out there😂 pretty sure minimum is gyro and you need discord, maybe 33 is humor and wise but it looks like there are a lot of inactive players


Yeah I probobly wont ever be in that alliance…

Only a couple hundred people at most will

yeah theyre in first place in the tournament

Hey come join Dinosaur clan we would love to have you :t_rex::sauropod:

Can you join"The Rexanator " there are many players who be online

We don’t even need discord that’s also a good part

Hey thank you so much for all the offers:) but I joined an alliance already.

yep. I have discords, but i can make the captain accept you though.

You are on apexpredators?

I kind of doubt he is. Its possible but i dont believe it with out proof.

He did say testa needs a buff in a different thread so i kind of doubt it

10 char

Can someone please tell me what 10 char means?

10 Characters. So you don’t have to write too much down

The more info a person provides definitely helps with them being able to find a alliance suitable for their needs

Hello) wellcome to Wildcats)