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Searching for a guild

hello, im new to the game and i am searching for an active guild to join

Hi @Sylvanas992 I’d suggest searching some of the recent guild recruiting posts for ones that take new players and try those. Either apply direct or PM their leaders in forum. There have been several over the past month that looked like they were taking new members

Raiders of Ravenloft
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ty i will search around :slight_smile:

Most truly active guilds have a requirement for trophies so just starting and hoping to score a very active guild is pretty hard. I’d imagine
I’m currently in my second guild that was formed by 5 members of my former guild that wasn’t active enough. We currently have a 1500 trophies and 600 donations minimum requirement which isn’t high, but we’re raising it every week and kick anyone which doesn’t get those. Feel free to message me privately if you’re there and feel like you can keep up.

Midnight Sun is a new guild I started after my old one became more inactive. Open to all players. Searching for active and friendly players who are also interested in guild events.

If you’re looking for an guild, join us at Knights of Kadosh. Currently 20+ active and looking for new members.

Come join BigAnds we will help and guide you and give you gear and help where we can