Searching for a new Alliance

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a new Alliance and a new chapter in my JWA journey. I’m a level 20 player, always complete the daily challenge and contribute greatly to weekly incubators, I am currently at 5780 alliance points and sit in the Aviary/Library.

Just feel it’s time to take a step up as I’ve stagnated at the spot/level in the game for quite some time and a slightly more serious Alliance that makes better use of sanctuaries etc would help me improve. Also, need to do the raids as I feel like I miss out on them as my alliance are not always interested/have powerful enough creatures. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi can you message me on discord pls at Daylan2003#1265 it’s easier and more convenient

My alliance has 2 free spaces

Hi! My alliance has an open spot PM me if interested.

We have 2 spots open ! You are welcome if you want to!

Discord: shaniasaurus #4835


That’s the server if you’d like to join

Hi everyone,
Instead of starting a new topic I’ll try it here…
I’m an active daily player who’s in for raids, tournaments and weekly challenges but my current alliance is losing all it’s active players so I’m in search of a new alliance…
Lvl16. 3200 points discord: jarne1990

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Hello im from Dino Tyme World, a very active alliance with friendly member. We reached 10/10 mission and reached rank 8 incubators in alliance Championship mission, have 3 lvl 20 sanctuary and always help each other in raid. Reply this message if you interested. We use discord and fb chat to communication

Hi at @Jarne1990 can you join my server we can talk ther

My name is Daylan2003#1265 on discord

Hi! I have a spot open. Please PM me if interested.