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Searching for a new clan

Hello guys,

I’m searching for an active clan for 2 members who have 5600 BP and 4900 BP, we are active and can do around 90-120k damage with 6 turns play.

Best Regards !

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We have a few sister clans we are looking to fill. Scotland is currently open if you 2 would like to jump in

we also have a discord if you are interested

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We have space for you in the LionHeart Pride :fire: we are the most chosen organization in these game. Top tiers fighting up to 10* alphas an opening level 10 chests.
We just expanded to a 6th clan as well. HMU let’s chat.

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we have 2 spots open, fighting 9/10* Alpha and keeping our chest at lvl 10

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If you are interested you both can join Vikings New Age. We are now doing 5* with 11 active members. With your help we can go up to a 6*.

Post name and number or just join us!

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my friend is only 4k9, maybe she cant deal with level 10 alpha, thank you :smiley:

What about Lionheart Enlite ? Can I have 2 slot for this ?

Well any damage is better then no damage if you ask me :grin:

uto, 17. ruj 2019. 09:05 Phoenix GK via Ludia Forums je napisao:

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Hi :smiley: clan: HaveFun you and your friend can join :smiley: Now we need help Against 6* Alpha. So you and your firend can Easy do A lot of damage :smiley: We need someone like you now because we try to kill this 6* Alpha and Then try to beat 7* reply if you Intrested. :smiley:

what is the clan name :smiley:

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HaveFun :smiley: or give me your # then I will invite you :smiley:

We have multiple clans and can find a spot for both of you. I will direct message you :fire: