Searching for Active alliance that welcomes me

Hello everyone I am searching for Active alliance cause I dont have one
Username: Guilherme
Active everyday all day unless i am in school

come and join us at “Apex Anka”
We are going for 7/8 alliance award.
we are a good team and always help each other on DNA requests.

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Can I ask or have to talk to the boss by discord

Nope. unless you want to. We have a discord but its up to you if you want to join discord. We dont put pressure on anyone.

We only want you to be playing daily and helping what you can with alliance missions (battle incubators etc.) thats all.

I want
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what do you mean by 10 characters?

The minimum charactes of a reply is 10 so when it has less than 10 we put 10 characters just for you to know that it was shorter than 10 characters

I still dont get what you said. Anyway to keep it short if you want to join us you are welcome to do so, send a request to “Apex Anka”

Ive sent

(10 characters because the reply only has 7)

Pls send me the discord invite

my discord is baybars #2896

In case u are still intrested, our alliance Legends reborn would be happy to welcome you, we have a discord with tons of channels for strats(including carry strats for apexes), we get roughly 8/7 on the alliance mission, and we usualy get or are close to getting free uniqes for our lvl 20s in championships.

I’m not gonna be too long in case u already 100% decided, but pls respond if u are intrested.

Can I ask to enter or need to talk by discord with the boss ?

I am and I already asked the boss if I can get in, please tell him I am searching for Active alliances

Wait i didn’texactly understand what u said there, are you still intrested in joining or did u already join another alliance, we are defenetly active tho.

I want to join

Oh ok did u already search our alliance, imma tell the leaders on the discord to accept u

Yes, an I already asked to join

I’ll tell the leaders to accept u

Thank you Fico