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Searching for an alliance apex ready preferred

Hi guys. I am searching for an alliance.
Preferred would be an alliance who is capable of apex raids.
I am always doing daily quests and inc.
Also doing 10 kills in tournaments.
You can contact me on discord: godzilla rules DE#5145

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We can certainly help with that at Predators Hunters. We use telegram to synchronise our raids and have all Strats. We can get through all of them easy and also carry low levels.

I am sorry but i am only using discord not telegram


I have an alliance thats pretty much what you want

We can do apex raids, and theres quite a few high lvl players that can help you with them. But keep in mind thats mainly for mortem, magnus and hadros, refre and trebax simply have much higher requirements (or at least trebax)

We have 1 shared lvl 20 santuray (the creatures in it are voted for)

On the alliance rewards we generaly get 8/8 or 9/8

On the championships we generaly get tier 8

our rules are:
-respect others
-no swearing
-please get 10 downs in each week’s tournament
-keep commons out of the sanctuaries
-unless you’re told to do so, keep everything out of the level 20 santuary

We’re a friendly international alliance, doing raids every day, on the discord people share boost and team comp advice as well as help each other build raid dinos.

We have channels for pretty much everything, raids, strike towers, weekly evetns, raid strats, pvp, tournaments…

If you have any questions contact me on discord

Fićo (edited) #2072

The name of the alliance is Legends Reborn