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Searching for member for the clan "The Super Dragons"

Hello guys! I’m searching for some members for my clan, we are not a big clan but i hope we could grow as a team.

Geez i’m so bad at promoting my clan xD

Not at all :wink: This is certainly the best place to start! We are a friendly sort here~

I’m not exactly well versed in the way of clan recruitment or building or anything like that, but there are those here that are. And they have had some helpful tidbits for others in the past. I believe it was @Talisax that stated the best way to go about recruitment is to post detailed information about your clan, such as the current size, what level of Alpha you’re facing, do you have any requirements (BP level, activeness, etc)

And @Featherwing, I believe, was also having a touch of difficulty at first but I think they stated they found things to be much smoother once Discord was involved. As well as they posted ads for their clan on the most active Facebook pages for Titan Uprising and HTTYD. I want to say @Talisax echoed these sentiments, as have others.

I don’t know if there is another one, as I’m not personally involved in it, but I believe this to be the TU Discord? It’s run by @LightFury, who I think also gives much of the content to the wiki.

Best of luck~!

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Actually, Mysterious; I recruited from Facebook and also people tired of their inactive clans found me in-game. So, both social media and circumstances helped.

But yeah, first and foremost, a clan description shall be clear for any recruitment to happen. As you and Talisax already said. And me as well.

@TheBlueFox696 You should start by telling us the name of your clan. Then the rest of the info. :wink:

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Oop! Thank you for the clarification! I see Discord thrown about so much on here I must have gotten that mixed up. Sorry about that. :sweat_smile:

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It’s ok @Mysterious. Confusions happen all the time. :upside_down_face:

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Yep, that is the Discord server, and yes, it is run by me. There is a channel for recruitment and I think people generally have reasonable success?


@TheBlueFox696 if you have any questions feel free to ask me as well. I run the largest organization in the game - we just expanded to our 6th clan, so I know a thing or two about recruiting :slight_smile: .

@shortySTK 6th clan?!! Woah there man

We have a great thing going @Featherwing . The expedited progression of my players in short periods of time is really incredible to see. I’m committed to promoting positive, stable and supportive environments for growth across the whole TU community.