Searching for new alliance


My alliance is falling apart, resulting in not even being able to get to rank 3 exploration. I’m looking for a new active alliance, regularly getting to rank 4 or even higher.

I’m a VIP level 19 player, achieving daily missions most of the time (sometimes work gets in the way), currently stuck at 4283 trophies, and a dedicated fan of (most parts) of this game.

Let me know if you have an open spot!


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I just purged some inactives from my Alliance. Feel free to try us out. Terminus is the name. We typically get rank 4 in both Alliance missions but since 1.7 have only been hitting rank 3 Defense. But always a minimum of 4 in Exploration.

Thanks! Think i’m gonna join you!

If you haven’t committed yet, consider us. Thanks for your time!

Huh, I need to work on my pitch lol. Your Alliance sounds much better than mine Noob.

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Eh, there is no better, my friend, only different. Some people prefer a laid back, more casual atmosphere.

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