Searching for Opponent


I’m getting this for multiple minutes consistently and then going into a waiting for Opponent screen which usually times out. It is very hard to find a battle and there are times where I can’t find one at all and have to go back later. I find it hard to believe that nobody is playing around 3700 trophies and I always seem to get matched up with people 100+ trophies higher. Anyone else experiencing this? Something ludia is addressing? It didn’t used to be hard at all to find a battle!

I’m not the only person with this issue right? I can’t even find an opponent right now!!


Yeah I’ve been noticing long delays and time outs. I think player participation is down quite a bit. Gen 4 in pokemon is out and Ghostbusters world came out so unless ludia comes out with a killer feature that isn’t just battling some more, then I fear it’s just going to get worse. The die hards will play till everything is l30, but the casual players will get bored. Missions from the dpg, maybe something like herd moving towards some landmark, you can go and dart a bunch, or add some co-op (as long as co-op isn’t required, because I’d be hard pressed to find another player in my city). A sort of story mode would be cool, I don’t know. Something that isn’t just battling or darting because those both get old eventually. It’s a location based game but they certainly don’t do a whole lot of location based things with it.

can’t find one even waiting for 10 minutes

I wait 6 minutes for battles almost every time because I’ve only fought a real person once in the last 4 days. There’s barely anyone in my current trophy range (sometimes no one) so I’m just doing the “bot race” to catch up to real players. I only get 6 battles per hour at this rate and I watch my girlfriend battle in Sorna around your trophy range, one after another. She rarely has to wait 10 seconds to find an opponent.

Bug since launch they haven’t addressed or cared about. Like with many other things they have neglected to fix unfortunately.

Hey Chris_A, our team would be happy to take a look at your account and see if there might be an issue. Could email our support team here at with more information on your waiting time and your support key?