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Searching new good alliance

Hey there. As I think our alliance are gonna miss the lvl 5 exploration goal the 4th time in a row, I’m searching a new one as soon as the rewards are given.
I’m a lvl 20 player, about 4800-5100 trophies atm, playing daily. Always do the strike events and featured Dinos.
Can’t play every day, but Mostly. I give DNA as long as I have enough, but you shouldn’t expect a lot kapro, Velo, tarbo as I mostly play daytime. As I live in L3, I can nearly always give away allo and dimetrodon DNA.
I search for an active alliance which reaches both alliance goals to lvl 5 and at least communicates in German or English.

U can join ours. We reach rank 5 in less than 4 days every week. We don’t reach defence rank 5 if that is what u are looking for. We stop are at and 4 and focus on our own teams the rest of the week rather than grinding 4000 battles.

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