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Searhing for a new alliance

Hi, Im lvl 20 player, playing daily, catching dinos trying to fight as much as possible, participating in tournaments every week and searching for a solid alliance. Thank you

Hello! Kubusiowy! message me on discord! Master (Shifu)ormo #2133

Hello you can join dino Tyme world, a very active alliance with friendly people. Soon we already have 2 lvl 20 sanctuary just need and better reward. Please answer this message if you want join Dino Tyme World

Hello, my alliance have place to you, search for Tera Nova Titan and you’ll be acepted there.

Sounds like you’d fit in at our Alliance.
It’s called RaptorRex, and we are aiming to get a gold Alliance Championship incubator.
We’ve got a couple of new openings, so look us up.

The alliance i’m a member of, TerrorSquad is in the process of restructuring. there is a solid core of helpful, active and dedicated players looking to bring in more likeminded individuals to be part of the team.