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Season 1 Episode 1: Why Mammoth has a trunk?

Apidium: Why Mammoth has a trunk? Hoo-hoo. You see there was time when Mammoth has no nose.

(Mammoth tries to eat the apple, but fails as the apple fell to the ground.)

Mammoth(angry): Oh, come on! (Blow his raspberry at the flies.) Get away from me you pests.

Apidum: He was big, he was clumsy.

(Mammoth was about to step on Proganochelys.)

Proganochelys: Yaah! (Gets step. Mumble) Mammoth!

Mammoth: Sorry, Proganochelys.

Apidum: And he was extremely smelly.

(Apidum cover his nose as Mammoth pass by him. Cut to the waterhole, Tyrannosaurus was laying down underneath the tree along with Proganochelys, Deinosuchus is sunbathing, while Moeritherium is cooling inside the water. Just then, Mammoth pass by, which disgusts by his friends smell. Tyrannosaurus cough.)

Tyrannosaurus: Good morning, Mammoth.

Mammoth: Good morning, T-rex! Good morning, everyone!

Everyone but Deinosuchus: Good morning, Mammoth.

Apidum: Oh. That’s Mammoth. Isn’t it?

Apidum 2: How did you know?

Apidum: Something in the air perhaps.

Mammoth: Hello, Apidums. Do you know the way to get rid of the flies?

Apidum: Just tell them to go away.

(Mammoth blows a raspberry at them.)

Mammoth: Go away, ya pests!

(The flies didn’t go away)

Mammoth: It didn’t work.

(The Apidums giggle)

Apidum: That’s because it was just a joke.

Mammoth: Oh, sorry. I can be stupid sometime.

Apidum 2: Why don’t you try the bush? That’ll get rid of them.

Mammoth: Thank you, Apidums. I will.

Tyrannosaurus: Oh Apidums. That was very rude of y’all of telling Mammoth that.

Apidum: Have you seen the size of him?

Proganochelys: Mammoth doesn’t know how much he smells cause he got no nose.

Apidum 3: So how does Mammoth smell?

Apidum: Terrible!

(The Apidums laugh)

Tyrannosaurus: Apidums. That was very rude. Besides, someone needs to tell Mammoth that he smells.

Apidum: Proganochelys?

Proganochelys: Me? It’ll take ages for me to get there.

Tyrannosaurus: He is your best friend, right?

Proganochelys: Oh alright. I’ll tell him that he smells.

(Cut to Mammoth in the middle of the plain. Out of no where, Euparkeria has appeared)

Euparkeria: What’s up, Mammoth?

Mammoth: Hi, Euparkeria. Do you mind of getting rid of the flies for me?

Euparkeria: Sure thing, pal.

(Euparkeria manages to get as many flies as he can to eat them. Unfortunately, he’s full already.)

Mammoth: How come you didn’t eat all of them?

Euparkeria: Sorry, Mammoth. I’m full.

Mammoth: Already? I still got more.

Euparkeria: Sorry, mammal.

Mammoth (Sad): Aww! Thanks Euparkeria.

(Back to the waterhole, Mammoth is still finding a way to get rid of the flies.)

Mammoth: Moeritherium, do you mind if I could get in the water to get rid of the flies, and the smell?

Moeritherium: Sure, Mammoth. Be my guest.

(Just as he about to get in the water, Deinosuchus snap at him, scaring Mammoth.)

Deinosuchus: Don’t you even think about coming inside my water!

Moeritherium: Now Deinosuchus, that was very rude of you to-

(She was interrupted by his snapped)

Moeritherium: Don’t worry, Mammoth. Tomorrow morning, Deinosuchus will leave the waterhole. You’ll be taking a bath in no time.

Proganochelys: Now, let’s all get some goodnight rest.

(Everyone but Mammoth was asleep. He was crying. Just then, Ornimegalonyx saw him crying and came down.)

Ornimegalonyx: Goodness gracious, Mammoth. Are you all right?

Mammoth: No, because I got no nose. Apidums says I smell, Euparkeria can’t eat that much flies for me, and Deinosuchus refuse me to get inside the waterhole.

(Mammoth cries)

Ornimegalonyx: No, no. Don’t say that. Sometimes good things can come from bad, while bad things can come from good.

Mammoth: What does that mean?

Ornimegalonyx: You’ll see. Now get some shut eyes.

(Ornimegalonyx flies off. Mammoth went back to sleep. A little while after, Deinosuchus see his chance to snap at the Mammoth. He goes underwater to get closer to Mammoth until he snapped his nose, which wakes him up instantly.)

Mammoth: My nose! Give me back my nose! Nngh! Help me! I’m snapped!

(Everyone was awake)

Moeritherium: That’s Mammoth!

Eudimorphodon: We’re coming!

Apidum: It’s Mammoth!

Moeritherium: (Gasp) Deinosuchus! Stop it! Stop it right now!

Eudimorphodon: Stop talking! Start pulling!

(Moeritherium bites Mammoth tails, follow by Eudimorphodon grabbing Moeritherium tails. They began to pulled him. Then, Tyrannosaurus and Ornimegalonyx arrived to see what’s going on.)

Tyrannosaurus: Deinosuchus!

Ornimegalonyx: Come on!

(Then Apidums, and Euparkeria arrived to save Mammoth, and then Proganochelys. They pull so hard that Mammoth nose is extending. Can’t hold it that long, Deinosuchus let’s go of it, and everyone has tumbled down. Deinosuchus then went underwater.)

Mammoth (shake himself): Look at my nose. It so long, and wiggly.

(He then picks up an apple from an apple tree and eats it.)

Mammoth: A useful wiggly nose. (Whip the flies with his trunk, which flies away.) Got ya!
A very useful wiggly nose indeed. Hmm. I wonder?

(He suck up some water from the waterhole and shower himself. No longer smelly, Mammoth is now fresh as a flower.)

Mammoth: Look I’m clean! No more smell!

(Everyone smell him.)

Mammoth: I’m clean.

Ornimegalonyx: And I bet you can blow your nose too. Try it.

(Mammoth inhales then trumpets it loud. Everyone cheers.)

Mammoth: I can! I can blow my nose. I love it!

Apidum (to the viewers): And that’s why Mammoth has a trunk. From then on, Mammoth can do what ever he wants with his new trunk from picking food up to trumpet it loud.

Ornimegalonyx: You see, good things can bring bad, and bad things can bring good.

Apidum (to the viewers): And how Ornimegalonyx is intelligent? Well that’s a whole lot of story.

(Apidum runs offscreen)


Finally! It took me hours to finish it. I hope you all like it. Stay tuned for episode 2


ah yes, Apidium
now that’s a creature I haven’t heard about in a long, long time


I’m glad that you remember Walking with Beast

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I like how apidium breaks the fourth wall at the end

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Well, that’s like in Tinga Tinga tales


Do more please!

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I will. Though, I might have trouble with the dialogue as it will not make sense if I create one

As much as I struggle trying to imagine a Mammoth without a trunk, I enjoyed reading this. (Poor Proganochelys, being stepped on :sob:) Keep it up, Apple!


Thank you. I will


Next episode will focus on our sail back relative that before he has a sail he was very delicate, and had to stay away from the sun

Tinga tinga tinga ting-aaa-ah! Tales from Africa!

Oh my, you have awakened my childhood. I didn’t even need to read past the part where mammoth nearly steps on a Dino know this was the episode with the Elephant, and why it has a trunk. Yeh, the title helped, but still :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? How? @Sarahsaurusrex

I have no idea… I was just like OH MY GOSH, ITS THAT SHOW!

My memory is a strange thing XD

Well as of right now, I’m trying to finish the Dimetrodon episode as I can

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What happened to MLP?

I haven’t gotten started on it yet. As of right now, I’m trying to make dialogue sense.

But don’t worry. I’ll have it out any moment or soon in the future