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Season 1 Episode 2: Why Dimetrodon has a sail?

Apidum: Why Dimetrodon has a sail?

(Dimetrodon walks by)

Apidum: Hi, Dimetrodon.

Dimetrodon: Meh!

(Dimetrodon passes by the title screen and Apidum, which now cuts to the waterhole.)

Apidum(to the viewers): There was the time when Dimetrodon didn’t have a sail because he is very delicate and sensitive to the sun, so he has to stay in shade, otherwise he will get a sunburn.

Moeritherium: Dimetrodon. What’s the matter? Why do you always stay in the shade? Come in the water, and stay cool.

Dimetrodon: Moeritherium! We got over this for the last time. I’m not a good swimmer, and I have to stay away from the sun. Do y’all even understand?!

Moeritherium: Gee. What a grumpy animal.

(Just then, a rumbling noise is heard)

Eudimorphodon. What was that?

Mammoth: I thought it was my tummy that’s making the sound. Sorry. I must’ve eaten too much apples.

(They all look at Dimetrodon)

Moeritherium: Aww! Poor Dimetrodon. Don’t you remember the time that he stay out of the sun for too long? He was very black.

(A rumble sound is herd again)

Mammoth: There it is again. I just hope it was not my stomach again.

Moeritherium: It’s more than that, Mammoth. I have no idea what could it be.

Proganochelys: I’ll talk to Tyrannosaurus about this. In the meantime, let’s just take a little nap.

(A little while after taking a nap, Tyrannosaurus was called for a meeting to every prehistoric creatures.)

Tyrannosaurus: Is everyone here?

Everyone: Yes.

Apidum: Everyone except the short temper Dimetrodon. Look, he’s sleeping.

(Cut to Dimetrodon sleep in the bare tree. He’s now black)

Apidum: What a grumpy lizard.

(The Apidums giggles)

Tyrannosaurus: Ahem! Now most of you might be wondering. Where in the prehistoric name is that noise coming from?

Mammoth: I was getting really worry about that.

Tyrannosaurus: That’s a good reason as well, Mammoth. Cause the Gallimimuses are back.

Apidum: Galliwhat?

Tyrannosaurus: Gallimimuses. Y’all are too young to remember stuff.

Proganochelys: I remember the Gallimimuses.

Tyrannosaurus: Well. They are back.

(Show a huge group of Gallimimuses eating ferns.)

Tyrannosaurus: And it’s best not to upset them.

Apidum: Why?

Tyrannosaurus: Because if you upset them, they charge. And when they charge, hoo hoo, they all charge at once.

Megaloceros: It actually call a stampede

Apidum: Ooh! That’s sounds fun.

Tyrannosaurus: Don’t you even think about it, Apidum.

Proganochelys: The most important thing that you should never go near them is to not said the F word.

Mammoth: The F word?

Apidum: Which F word? F for fruits? F for Futabasaurus? Or F for freak?

(Apidums giggle)

Proganochelys: No, F for (looks around) flee.

(The Gallimimuses heard it)

Tyrannosaurus: No body say another word.

(Everyone remain silence as they can. Then, the Gallimimuses went back eating)

Tyrannosaurus: The meeting is dismiss.

(Everyone left except Dimetrodon, which he is very black)

Apiduim: So Proganochelys, if you want to mmm, you Proganochelys needs to mmm.

Proganochelys: I hope I don’t have to mmm.

Mammoth: Haha! I would like to get out of the way they began to-.

Proganochelys: Don’t say it! It’ll make things worse.

Apiduim: Mammoth, you nearly said the F word, didn’t you?

Mammoth: Yeah, but I would’ve have to flee, right?

(The Gallimimuses heard the word, and the Gallimimuses began to stampede.)

Apiduims: Flee!

Mammoth: Now you say it!

Apiduims and Proganochelys: No! Run!

(Mammoth runs off leaving Proganochelys behind.)

Mammoth: Run, Proganochelys run!

Proganochelys: I’m trying!

(Mammoth picks Proganochelys, and they all began to run from the stampeding Gallimimuses)

Mammoth: I got you.

(Then, they began to run. Dimetrodon is still asleep. Everyone began to run to the river.)

Tyrannosaurus: To the other side of the river! Run!

(Everyone was chanting run while run across the river)

Mammoth: Sorry, Tyrannosaurus. It was me.

Tyrannosaurus: Save that for later. We had to get everyone to the other side. Stay calm

(Tyrannosaurus went to the other side)

Tyrannosaurus: Is everyone here? Apiduims?

Apiduims: Check!

Tyrannosaurus: Proganochelys?

Proganochelys: I’m here.

Megapaloelodus: Dimetrodon! Dimetrodon! Dimetrodon is not here!

Tyrannosaurus: That creature can’t be sleeping.

Brachiosaurus: He’s near! He’s underneath the tree. I can see him.

Apiduim: Oh no!

Tyrannosaurus: Quick, Mammoth. Wake Dimetrodon up!

(Mammoth trumpet loudly)

Mammoth: Run Dimetrodon run

(The Gallimimuses kept running. Everyone is trying to wake Dimetrodon up. After a while, he finally wakes up only to know the stampeding Gallimimuses running to him. He screams.)

Mammoth: I can’t watch!

Apidum 2: Oh no!

(Everyone cover their eyes. Gallimimuses were squawking a lot until the half of the river. They stop, then turn. They watches the Gallimimuses turned the other side. After that, they saw Dimetrodon squash as a pancake. They all look at him, thought that he’s dead. They all mourn his dead. Just then, Dimetrodon got up shaking himself with something different)

Dimetrodon: What are y’all doing?

Moeritherium: Dimetrodon! You’re alive!

Apiduim: With a new fan like skin.

Dimetrodon: Of course I’m alive. After these idiotic Gallimimuses run over me over. Now look at me. I got myself a new sail. Now I don’t have to stay in the shade without getting a sunburn.

Apiduim(to the viewer): And that’s why Dimetrodon has a sail. From the day Dimetrodon wants to cool down, it could stay in the sun for as long as it like.

Mammoth: Sorry I make the Gallimimuses flee. It was in accident.

Tyrannosaurus: Don’t feel sorry, Mammoth. It’s just nature way.

Apiduim(to the viewers): And idiotic Gallimimuses. Well, that’s a whole lot of story.

(Jumps offscreen)


Accidentally press topic. This thing is remaining constructive. I will say done after I finish it.

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It would be funny if one of the characters said to dimetrodon “grow a spine” and he takes it way too literally.


Well. As of right now. This remains constructive

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Is this the hippo one? I can’t remember what hippo gets, but the bells for hippo are ringing XD

I’ll have to come back when it’s done.

What are you talking about?

The Hippo episode of Tinga Tales, no? I thought it was for that but maybe not.

Well, no. That’s not correct

Aw bummer. I don’t know then. It’s really enjoyable to read these btw!

Thank you. Although I have trouble creating my own dialogues cause I want it to make sense

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Yah I get that- some things wouldn’t make sense… like if they spotted idk… some birds. You’re nailing it!

I’m done! What did you guys think?

Also the hippo episode is called Why hippo has no hair?

Ahhh awesome, tysm :smile:

For what?


For telling me the name of the episode…

It has a sail because it was a ship once.

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@_Leon what are you talking about?

I’m talking about why Dimetrodon has a sail.

What do you mean by ship?