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Season 1 Episode 3 Why Argentavis is bald

Apidium: Why Argentavis is bald (Picks up the palm leaves). You see Argentavis wasn’t always bald. Oh no.

Argentavis: Here I come! You’re gorgeous ray of sunshine.

Apidium(mimicking her): You’re gorgeous ray of sunshine.

(The other two Apidiums giggles. The Apidium bumps into her)

Argentavis: Very funny, Apidium. I know you’re just jealous of my plumage.

Apidium: Plumage? What’s plumage?

Argentavis: The feathers on the top on my head.

(She hums, and flies off. Apidium giggles)

Apidium: You see there was time when Argentavis wasn’t bald. Her “plumage” was made of the most beautiful feather in the prehistoric kingdom. And she knows it.

Argentavis: Look at my beautiful plumage sparkle! Shining down on them hairy beasts.

(She keeps humming until she hits a tree. She slide down, and lays on her back)

Argentavis: Oh no! Are my feathers destroys? (Holds Apidium). Tell me, don’t I look dazzling?

(She walks off, much to Apidium annoyance)

Apidium: Ugh! Can’t you believe that Argentavis is still dazzling? We always think that Argentavis is just.

Apidium 2: Plain!

(The threes giggle. Cut to the mud hole, Moeritherium, Eudimorphodon, Megapaloelodus, and Apidums are having fun together until Argentavis flies down on a stump, much to their)

Argentavis: Hello! It’s me, Argentavis!

(Megapaloelodus and Moeritherium groans)

Apiduim: Argentavis thought that she was more beautiful than Megapaloelodus.

Argentavis: Golden feathers are so much better than pink.

Megapaloelodus: But pink is so romantic.

Argentavis: And disgusting! My plumage is more gorgeous for the sun.

Megapaloelodus: The sun! The sun! The sun! Everything has to deal with the sun just for you Argentavis.

(Megapaloelodus flies off)

Argentavis: Hmm! Moeritherium.

Moeritherium: Hmm?

Argentavis: Don’t you wish to have beautiful feathers like me?

(Argentavis hums again)

Moeritherium: Well, I like the feathers but not so keen on the face.

(Eudimorphodon laughs)

Argentavis: Plumages is so much better than skin.

(Moeritherium groans again)

Apiduim: Argentavis is even thought she was more beautiful than Megaloceros.

Eudimorphodon: Now that’s beautiful.

Argentavis: Not bad, Megaloceros. But not as dazzling as me.

(Megaloceros puts his antlers on Argentavis)

Megaloceros: Really, Argentavis? Just a waste of my time.

(She walks away from Megaloceros annoyed, and mad. Just then, Holmesina dug up from underground which cause them two to bump at each other)

Argentavis: Holmesina!

Holmesina: Hmm?

Argentavis: Are my feathers alright?

Holmesina: I don’t know. Termites. That’s what I want. Mmm! Termites.

(He walks away from Argentavis)

Argentavis: What? More attention acquires, you hard shell creature!

(Cut to where Moeritherium, Megaloceros, Mammoth, Megapaloelodus, Eudimorphodon, Proganochelys, and Oviraptor are talking to Tyrannosaurus)

Megaloceros: You’re majesty. I know we should all stick together, but Argentavis is truly an embarrassment.

Megapaloelodus: She need someone, or something to put her in proper place.

Tyrannosaurus: Hmm?

Argentavis: My friends! How kind of you to gather, and admire my beautiful plumage.

Proganochelys: Argentavis has gone too far, she will learn her lesson in the future. You’ll see.

Argentavis: Look! I’m magnificent!

Tyrannosaurus: Oh brother. Quite ridiculous.

(Clouds began to come in, and block the sun out. Argentavis whines)

Argentavis: Ugh! What happened?!

(Eudimorphodon laughs)

Eudimorphodon: The sun has gone in, and stolen all the shine from your golden plumage.

(Everyone laughs. Just then, the clouds began to keep moving away from the sun. Then, it shines on Argentavis again)

Argentavis: The sun! The sun! I must shine brighter than the sun!

(She tries to fly up to the sun. Everyone was worry)

Oviraptor: Argentavis careful!

Argentavis: The sun! The sun!

Oviraptor: Be careful, Argentavis!

Proganochelys: It’s hot up there.

Argentavis: I must shine brighter than the sun!

Oviraptor: Her feathers will fry.

Tyrannosaurus: You were right, Proganochelys. This time Argentavis really is going too far.

Proganochelys: Surely, not. She’s vain, but she’s not that ridiculous.

Argentavis: The sun! The sun! I must shine brighter than the sun!

(Just then, something is burning. Argentavis is sniffing out something that is burning)

Everyone chanting randomly: Argentavis, stop! Very hot! Don’t do it!

Argentavis: What’s the smell? Is something burning?

Tyrannosaurus: You’re on fire!

Oviraptor: You’re on fire!

Proganochelys: Be careful!

Argentavis: Fire? What are they squawking about? (She looks up at her feather, which turns out they are burning) Ooh! It’s me! I’m on fire! Wooh! (She tries blowing it away until she dives into a river of stream. Steams began comic out of it. She then swims onto land. She got up, and spit the ground) My feathers! What has become of my dazzling crown of beautiful feathers? (She looks down at the stream, which is reflecting her new look) Mmm? I rather like my new black tips. Makes my feathers even more beautiful!

Proganochelys: But you’re still smoking.

Argentavis: Yes, I am a little hot.

Oviraptor: Try honey. It will make your feathers feel better.

Argentavis: Honey? What a wonderful idea. It will make my feathers shine even more!

(She flies off, and laugh)

Proganochelys: Hey! Don’t forget to ask the bees. They get very angry if you don’t… Oh! What’s the point?

(Later cut time Argentavis hiding in the bush, making sure that there were no bees around. However, when she saw a bee, she follows it)

Argentavis: Silly, silly Bee. Stop this zigging and zagging about. Show me the honey!

(She run to the tree full of bees. She finally found the honey)

Argentavis: Ah-ha!

(She laughs. The bees buzzes off somewhere. She looks around, and sees that no bees are around. She knock the tree with her beak)

Argentavis: Any bees at home? No?

(She laughs, and gets some honey out of the tree, and puts some on her burnt feathers)

Argentavis: That’s good. That’s good. That feels really good. Hmm-hmm-hmmm. And I bet I look good too.

(Meanwhile back to the mudhole, everyone was relaxing until Argentavis came back)

Argentavis: Honey and golden!

Eudimorphodon: Huh?

Argentavis: Even more beautiful than the sun. Eh? Eh? Eh?

Tyrannosaurus: Proganochelys, my friend, Argentavis hasn’t learnt a lesson at all.

Proganochelys: Bees! Yeah, I tried to warn her, but she won’t listen.

(The bees began buzzing around Argentavis)

Mammoth: Those bees are angry.

Argentavis: Golden and all honeyed!

Megachile: :musical_note:It was Argentavis who stole the honey :musical_note:

(They began getting closer to her)

Argentavis: Uh-Oh!

Oviraptor: Fly, Argentavis! Fly!

(The bees began to get closer. Rather than flying, she instead run for her life)

Moeritherium: Proganochelys, you did try to tell her.

Proganochelys: Eeyup, some birds never listens.

Argentavis: Ow! Ow! Ow!

(Everyone began to the bees, and Argentavis. Proganochelys tries to catch up with them)

Proganochelys: Wait for me! Wait for me! I’m coming! I’m coming!

Argentavis: Ooh! Ah!

(She stops. So did the bees, and the others. The bees turn their stingers to Argentavis. Argentavis was in shocked. Then, they began to sting her rapidly)

Argentavis: Woah! Ouch! Ouch! Ow! Help!

Everyone chanting randomly: Behind you! Behind you! Holmesina’s hole! The hole

Argentavis: Huh? Oh, yes! Gracias! Thank you!

(She runs to the hole. Only her head was in. The bees looks down at her, then turns around and leaves. Argentavis whimpers. Just then, termites began to eat the honey from the feathers. Argentavis giggles. Holmesina heard something)

Holmesina: Huh? Termites? Oh, termites and… honey! Yummy! Oh yummy!

(He uses his tongue to get the termites, and the honey. Holmesina begins slurping them, and the feathers as well. Argentavis feels relax)

Argentavis: Oh! Mmm. That’s nice… soothing. Oh yes. Stings all better.

Apiduim: Oh!

Argentavis: My head feels lovely and cool. That’s better. (She got her head out of the hole. Everyone was in surprise) How do I look? Beautiful, eh? Eh? Eh?

Apiduim: Kinda.

(The second young giggles)

Argentavis: What? What? What is it?

Oviraptor: Em… you’ve just lost a few feathers. That’s all.

Argentavis: What? What?

(Moeritherium laughs)

Moeritherium: Your head is as shiny and bald as my bottom!

Argentavis: No-o-o! I’ve got no crown? I’ve got no plumage? I’ve lost my feathers?

(Everyone nodded)

Argentavis: Oh! Ah!

(She runs to the water to see herself)

Argentavis: Huh? Aah! My plume. My beautiful, beautiful plume! It’s gone! I’m totally bald!

(Apiduim giggles)

Argentavis: I’m bald. I’m bald!

Apiduim: And that’s why Argentavis has a bald head.

Argentavis: Don’t look. Don’t look at me.

(She flies into the air)

Apiduim: And from that day on, Argentavis flew high up in the skies, so no one could see her bald head ever again.

Argentavis: All my beauty has gone. I’m bald. I’m really, really bald!

(Apiduim giggles. Holmesina came up from his burrow)

Apiduim: Huh?

Holmesina: Whoops!

Argentavis: Don’t look at me. I’m bald. I’m bald.

Apiduim: And Holmesina in his underground hole! Well that’s a whole lot of story! (He giggles, and runs offscreen)


Finally! Took me like three days to finish it. Hope y’all like it. More will come next month