Season 1 Leaderboard Has Stalled


Top 3 has hardly moved in days. I wonder what happened.

One guess is that they hit super bots and couldn’t move move much. So they are hitting the streets for DNA to strengthen up for the late push.

Looks like a 6-person race.


I’d be interested in seeing what kind of opponents these 6000~ the top 10 or so are facing. :thinking:

The amount of trophies for the #500 spot seems to steadily be climbing, though. It’s up to ~4028 last I checked–that’s gotta be a formidable barrier to break.

I’d wager that the by the end of the month, a player would need approximately 4600-4700 trophies to earn a spot in the top 500, at minimum.


OR they are so far ahead of the pack, they can only battle each other… when each other are on line to play.


They dont need to battle they are ahead 1000+ points, but they risk losing 60+ points if they lose by bad luck vs low enemy, i think their teams cant be beated even by hard cheaters.
I myself lose 50 points if lose vs a 4k guy sometimes, my dinos was more leveled but if i dont dodge, he dodge, he crits or i get my worst lineup aka the 4 tanks xd i lose, meanwhile if i win i get like 10,11 points.


There are definitely spoofer teams with a slight level advantage but I haven’t seen them online since the first day of the tournament. Either they are also in the 6000 range, or they’ve stopped playing.

The only motivation to play at the top is for the #1 prize which is a lot better than #6. The activity is sure to pick up 1-2 days before the tournament ends.


There was a glitch at 6k, they could get paired up only with bots but when the match loaded the two dinos just stood frozen and couldn’t select any moves.


some of them had 6k points in a day ish, and thats almost impossible, so many matches required to reach that number of trophies.


Thanks Logan. Sounds like you got the scoop.