Season 1 Tournament Winnings:


Hey everyone,
It’d be interesting to see how we all fared with the prizes for this thing. Post your incubator winnings here and let’s hope the next tournament goes a little smoother …


Well an hour before end I was rank 99 but decided to fill up on incubators before update…ended at 254 :joy::joy::joy: every game had an indo and out of 10 matches I hit 2 hits on them. RNG didnt want me getting good rewards lol


That is heartbreaking :confounded: I finished on 131… last fight was 3-2 and my rajanky finished on 1 health :joy:


Was on 4498 with 10 mins to go, just outside the 500. Won 32 trophies and ended up 380ish :tada::tada:


Just barely made 4000 by the end of yesterday so I’m waiting for my epic incubator rn


I ended up at 45. The highest I made it was 24


Was around 495 out of 500 at 4470. lost 8 out of 10 battles today, ended up at 4300 … :grimacing:


So the 11 place get the same reward than 250 haha, next tournament i will chill so much. Where 9,10 all tournament and the last hours i get outranked and get same than 250 place who is like 1000 trophies less xd


2498 is way outside the top 500. I was 464 place with 4519. But congrats to everyone had a fun time and was super tough!!!


Im 4012 thophy . Im get epic incub.


Wouldn’t have mattered if you were at 99!
I was at 81-84 an hour before tournament ended. Dropped to 94 by 10am EST (end of timer).
Lot of people getting pushed beyond 100 and trying to fight back in at the end :smiley:


I finished at 40 made it to top 25 at one point but happy with the finish.


496th place. Made it by 1 trophy. Didn’t battle for last 18 hours when I was in 350th place.



I finished at 40 I was in the top 25 at one point. Happy with the 40 finish. Looking forward to the prize


Yeah I meant to say 4498 :wink::sweat_smile:, ended on 4530


Has anyone received the prize?


You get more blue dna from 11-50 vs 101-250 but otherwise rewards are the same.

As for this tournament, did not encounter spoofers in the last 24hrs so was nice to get good games before the end. Got my last win just before the end of the tournament to get to the next bracket.


Ah the irony - stopped battling at 4022; just started again and won 2 on the trot :rofl:


Who was 501 place? He should get a prize for bad luck.


where is that OP picture from? I feel like my rank keeps changing by 1 every couple of minutes like it isn’t really over.