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Season 4 goals?


Trophy goal: expectation is top 500. Stretch goal is top 250.

In order to make that happen I plan to use this team (yeah, including tuora):

In order for this team to work, I hope to take:

Dilo to 27 (this weekend :heart: @Hersh)
Indo to 27
Tuora to 23 (next weekend)
Rinex to 25 (next week)

Stretch goal of 26 for my spino, but I rarely see spinos.

Plan to buy 1 epic scent and 5 rare scents to help with sino and dilos.

What are your goals this season?


Monostegotops to 26 (currently 24)
Spinotahsuchus to 24-26 (currently 22)
Diloracherius to 26 (currently 25)

Now sitting and confusing myself that which one should I level up first between Thoradolosaur and Utahrinex (both 21)

@wrothgar love your team that NOTRaGOD :smile:

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as always, fighting only for incubators

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Top 500 but not looking good

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Haha thx! :grin:


Tournament 1: 4,000+ (1st tier of rewards, epic inc.)
Tournament 2: 4,250+ (1st tier of rewards, epic inc.)
Tournament 3: 4,750+ (2nd tier of rewards, epic inc.)

Goal for this one: 5,000+ (3rd tier of rewards)
Dream: LB (I would be over the moon at rank 500!)

Plan: Keep grinding, leveling my team. I should unlock Tryko fairly soon.

P.S. I’m glad you like Tuora, she’ll be one of my next uniques.


Huh. Looking back, I never thought indo to 27 would be so hard (Raptors exist, just very infrequently).

Dilo 27: check
Rinex 25: check
Tuora 23: check

Spino wont happen either, but thats ok. I did get a surprise 27 stego though! Thor 23 too!

Hoping I can use this team to finish top 250.


Will try to play atleast for 4 hrs everyday and get as much done as possible to level up my Dino’s. Also will try to do the common and rare dino hunts which we get every week. This week didn’t do any. And haven’t done all common or rare even once( leaving the 2 times I did both when I just darted what I saw-no choice). And would also love to get some luck in fusing. Maybe I typed to much​:kissing::kissing:

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:thinking:. Wrong emoji. Haha

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