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Season 4 Prizes are here!


:slight_smile: Here goes … good or bad …

The best prizes! 😌
Season 4 Winnings

Cash, Coin and Diplo DNA as advertised

4148 Allosaurus :-1:
2344 Stegosaurus :+1:
293 Proceratosaurus :-1:
368 Spinosaurus :+1:
339 Monolophosaurus :+1: HELL YES!
59 Rajasaurus :+1:

No Koola!!!


Really bad :confused: not a single DNA is useful

I just go back and cry now.

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Both commons were good. Rest were not useful.
My hopes were mainly for at least 1 epic: Received Alanqa and Secondo!

Coins and Cash are always welcome :smiley:


Common and rare useless. Receiving Majundasauro being zone 1 makes you want to break mobile :slight_smile: However, one of the two epics was very useful, 216 rajasauro.



Yes! Thanks to the Mono DNA my Monostego can be levelled up and is back on the team - I’ve missed the old girl :heart_eyes:

Crazy fuses on Monostego … 50 20 20 20 40 20 :smile:

[Edit] Think I need to go and buy a lottery ticket … just did my 4 fuses on Stegodeus … 50 50 30 30 :scream:

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nothing special, but i’ll just look at it as free coins and some dna for potential future hybrids :smiley:


:S I also got some cr@p dna (alanqa and spino gen2 :neutral_face:) but the “free” coin is always nice I guess


30 grypo and the rest Darwin. Should I be surprised anymore


you are just playing on hard mode :smiley:


I had > 4,750 trophies, expected 25,000 coins but got 40,000 instead! Nice surprise.

The incubator gave me 327 Raja and 20 Indominus (just enough to get my Indo DNA to 349/350… sigh).

But no complaint.



The epic incubator normally comes with 15000 coins. You got 25000 bonus coins for being over 4750. So your total coin reward was 40000.


The only DNA worth mentioning for me is the Diplodocus, Amargasaurus and Spino DNA that I got. Everything else was either bad or okay, but not worth mentioning.

I never got the chance to dart Diplodocus, so the 250 DNA was a welcomed gift x333


Garbage, no coins, and bull s…e DNA.


300 kentro and lots of dna that will probably, eventually maybe, be very useful! :smiley: #nowhininghere


…just embrace your potential investment :flushed:

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23 Sino and the rest Grypo, oh and I hit the 100k mark for Tany dna. No complaints though, it’s the thought that counts.

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I really hope that one day we can select from a dna pool to make these rewards less random :slight_smile: not complaining but everyone worked hard to reach a goal in this tournament and to receive good or bad dna for the same achievement based on pure luck is a bit harsh


You’re going to be smiling if/when a Tany hybrid arrives :+1:

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