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Season 5 rewards

500 Erlik
180 Cash
39526 Coins
6113 Einio
174 Dilo G2
332 Echo
310 Amarga
111 Pteranodon
273 Stiggy

:man_shrugging: meh

I ended at 4280 and received only 4000 coins and some trash DNA.

That’s what I do - building my Suchotator to L30 so always have fuses on it - wait until I get two 10s in a row and then switch :slight_smile:

The Koola whisperer strikes again …

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Pachy - sweet!

Right away I used the erlikosaurus dna to try three attempts at erlidominus. Got 10 on all three :frowning: might need some cheering up

I know the feeling. I’ve done 8 Erlidom fuses in this week and only up to 110/250. These 20 fuses on uniques frustrate me to no end.

Here is my tournament 5 awards.

Mono and darwin, not bad

Your incubator looked alot like mine… replace seco with pachy and thst was my inc.

8 . 500 Erlik
7 . 500 Hard Cash
6 . 40.000 coins
5 . Useless Dna
4 . Useless Dna
3 . Useless Dna
2 . Useless Dna
1 . Useless Dna


I got 20 something legendary dna, shame it was pyrritator :joy:

I got Wuerhosaurus… Even more of that crap…

Just wanted to say congrats! Happy to see an honest, dedicated, legit player prevailed… again!



I’d take that “shame.” That’s equal to 400 irritator, which is more precious than gold.

top 50 but with a sad secondo…


Real talk, this comment was warming to read

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You people are pretty lucky to get rewards and have those dinos. Hopefully next tournament I’ll get something. F2P btw