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Season 6 rewards?


Did anyone receive the scolasaurus?
Season end yesterday and i still have othing in my box?
Am i alone?


Friday. And other characters.


I was wondering who was going to be the first person to ask this :joy:


Sorry,ofc it was a dumb question but i was thinking “nobody talk about it?maybe everyone got it and i don’t!”

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I’m sure we’ll see more and more of this question as the week goes on, just like every other tourney.

I don’t understand why the moderators don’t just sticky a post to the top of the forum that says rewards don’t come out until Friday.


It’s ok @shining… someone asks this every time with the same worry you had… as @StoneCutter said, Ludia should put a pinned post to say because how else other than being on here and seeing each time are you supposed to know?