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Season 7 Tournament


Not too sure where I just saw it but there was a season 7 tournament announcement with the prize being Blue DNA. Nothing else changes … really exciting times


still no highest trophy count or any improvement :S I am happy that cheaters are banned and all but for me top 500 is not a goal so this won’t really affect me while battling to reach 4750 :smiley:

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Furthermore, flagged cheaters will no longer be paired with non-flagged cheaters in PvP battle? :smiley: maybe I am stupid but don’t understand this




It was on the forums then they took it down…

No one wants Blue anyhows lol

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Maybe we can use her to lure Owen away, then lock the door before he gets back in.


Unless they do something really awesome with them, I never want to get another dna point from any of the named raptors. Still waiting for supermegaultraptorsaurus using all 4 of them as ingredients. Would have 3 pounce attacks, armor, cleanse, hit and run, shield, and crit impact, plus something rediculous, like SI DSR with evasion.


Blue has feelings too … be gentle



Wouldn’t be the first time they gave us worthless dna… but these tournaments are becoming too much… and way too close together.

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Don’t mind the tournaments (love the challenge I have to admit) but I would like to get relevant epic DNA again… more Erliko would be fine :slightly_smiling_face:


blue can be not so nice and kind of a trouble maker though too :sweat_smile:

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Seriously, can they please add some features to the tourney instead of just spamming them at us endlessly as is? No one is happy with the current style. Add in the suggestions you had, then start another season.


The whole survey about tourneys were a lie then
Nothing has changed and not all cheaters have been removed so saying cheaters have been removed isn’t exactly the truth.

Blue is worthless at the moment we need dna which we will be happy to fight for.


But that’s Delta, eating Hoskins

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Highest trophy count system implementation when?


Going by highest trophy count would cause problems, no? Tournaments are as exciting as the meta at any given time, which has gotten stale. The format is fine imho. I see people don’t like tournaments but I have a hard time understanding why. Can’t you pretend it’s not a tournament and collect a free 12 hr inc or better?


Because it turns the arena into an outhouse. They demote the top players, which disrupts the average players.

If you’re in the top, you wouldn’t notice.
If you’re in the lower arenas, you won’t notice until well into the “season”
If you’re in the bottom of aviary or a few arenas below, you’re in for a very bad few days.

That’s why I hate these “seasons”.


I’m certainly not going to complain about a free set of prizes.

It’s not that I don’t like the tournament, but it is just the same ol same ol with an artificially created bottle neck to make things really frustrating for those of us that only battle for incubators. That 450 trophy range really becomes a slaughterhouse for the 4000 trophy folk.

Waaaay back in the 1.5 release notes Ludia said this regular seasonal PVP stuff would be supplemented by actual tournaments, so I am disappointed nothing more has come out about that.


How would it cause problems? Ludia will have all the data - it might just take them a little longer to determine the top 500. The problem with the current system is that it results in many people stopping battles at a certain point before the end of the tournament because they don’t want to risk dropping below a particular level. By going on highest trophy count, people can keep battling to the end (and continue getting their incubators).


Another assumption… They never said for sure that the “highest trophy tournamnet” thing was going to be certain. They had a survey about it. Doesn’t mean anything if it didn’t get the majority vote.

People come to these conclusions about things and convince themselves its certainty all the time. It’s mind boggling how some people do that.