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Season end HUGE bug


today, when trying to play in Arena, the “End Season” button appeared and I had to click it.
My score is halved, but season continues till Thursday…
Anyone else encountered this?

@ Ned: Any comments? :slight_smile:


Yes, same thing happened with me as well


Exact same happened to me. I haven’t pushed the button yet though (and i tried to look at leaderboard its completely empty)

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what’s going on, season is over early ??? and the trophy is gone ? @ned @marcus ??

Season normally continues till Thursday, but my score is halved. All my effort and runes spent during last 12 days are wasted. End of season rewards are also lost…

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I wrote with my support key, but I don’t know when the answer will come. effort, labor and trophy are gone !! :frowning:

У меня и моих знакомых тоже закончился сезон и в место награды им дали 100 монет арены , а они в топ 10 на арене и как им теперь быть дальше не понятно ! Я пока не нажимал кнопку закончить, надеюсь что скоро исправят

Same here, it said 2 days were left, but all of a sudden said to end season, I didn’t click on it this time. Must be a system bug :thinking:

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Translated from Russian

My friends and I also ended the season and in the place of the award they were given 100 coins of the arena, and they are in the top 10 in the arena, and now they don’t understand what to do next! I haven’t clicked the finish button yet, I hope that they will fix it soon

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

Same here. First time in 200 rank too. Tried so hard. *sob

I think all of our trophies were cut in half. Although, this won’t affect our relative rankings on the leaderboard, our end-of-season reward for trophies will be negatively impacted!

We need a global solution for this. Ludia you can’t play around changing schedule of the Arena and then come back to screw us!

The season is over, they gave 100 coins. Nightmare, I was in the top 10. Now 7500 and I’m somehow in the top 2 days, the season will end and the rewards I should have received will be lost?I hope Ludia fixes this. Well done, the closing day was moved from Tuesday to Thursday, and no one thought to fix the algorithms?

Same here, I did get the tie rewards but not the ‘extra’ ones us low level players got last time. And it still says it will end in 2 days, will we have another season end? Not sure I can get back to where I was earlier today in only 2 days! Though the players I am against so afar have all been very low be so am rising rapidly…

Hey everyone, our team has been informed! We’ll be sure to give an update once we have more information.


thanks for the answer. we have lost a lot. we look forward to your correction🙏🏻

Multiple cases in my clan as well.

Same thing happened to meeeee. it sucks. no reward, and i worked so hard. last week they switched the seasons end to tuesdays, but it worked fine. this week it was awful. the time still says the arena is continuing, but my score doesnt, i didnt get a reward, and though i could battle a couple times right after pressing the end season button, now its giving me an error.

Seems like the arena has been placed under maintenance (so Sunver thats prolly the reason why its giving you an error right now)

So I pressed the button, my season ended, I received nothing. Now, it still has my halved score and is asking me to end the season a second time. Not sure what to do here?

@ned,my arena doesn’t seem to be under maintenance, the “end season” button is still there and I can still check my battle log and the shop and all even after relogging three times, should I send a message to support?