Season Pass - Season 2 (Raptor Riot)

Season 2 of the will begin soon.

The theme is Raptors!!!

Once it begins all points collected during Season 1: Along the Coast will disappear.


That’s unfortunate :confused:

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Completing this season gets you at least one copy of Blue!


Sooooo when is she getting a tourney or is it only exclusive to get one/2 copy’s in the season pass


Those who purchase the season pass have a chance to get her in the gold Raptor Riot pack so they can, if lucky, get more than 2.


DNA cost seems to be around 7450-7500

Ferocity seems to be stronger than dilo G2 and weaker than troodon and darwin


Love it. But without unlock i will stay in the free version.
Hypes me even more for the new film.


On gosh, help. I opened a raptor riot pack and got zero LP. Hear dat Zero LP done opened the pack and got zero LP. Ludia i done got scammed out of my yellow tokens💀

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It is being fixed, please contact support, and they will help you.

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It fine it gave me a chuckle.

I will just copy what I wrote in another topic, didn’t realized there is a dedicated one for Season pass season 2:

This time Premium season pass might just be worth paying for: prizes are surprisingly fair this time, especially Velociraptor SDNA, which (if I’m not mistaking) are in Premium pass offered in total of 1300!

Just one thing: don’t know if anyone noticed the same: I am quite sure (but not 100%) that the first prize I claimed (65 LPs) did not doubled due to my VIP membership…
Am I the only one who noticed it or…?

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if you buy the pass do you unlock blue at the end?

No unlocks for the season passes at this time

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Why? This is so unfair! How come I get raptor riot, and not blue pack?

The luckiest person alive could get up to 5 blues but we all know that no one will :laughing:

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I really think that the season pass should be 5-10 tiers long as many people, including myself, get more than 10000 points

We want it so anyone who plays semi-frequently can get the final reward. Once reached you still get the daily mission rewards and bragging rights :slight_smile:


But you could still add small rewards beyond the “final reward” so that more than semi-frequently players get something for their passion .


Personally, I hope that everyone gets her. Cause she is beautiful



Please say we will have a tournament for her at some point too. I absolutely love Blue and would love to unlock her.