Season Pass - Season 2 (Raptor Riot)

oops my bad sorry, I hadn’t played the game yesterday and then I couldn’t get in the game, sorry.

No. Hopefully there will be a tourney for her so we can max her out but for now, at least we get to have her.

yeah at least we get to have her by completing the pass. i think i wouldn’t use her on battle due to her stats, she is more oF a collectible card. so… ya one copy is enough

Niccee good job. Gonna get more points later today. Well that will be a lot of playing for her lol. I really hope charlie, echo and delta will come later (also hoopfully beta)

What would happen if you became lvl 55 after the pass has started? Would the final reward stay at raptor riot or would you get a copy of blue?

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@Keith if I fail to get Blue, will I never get the chance to unlock her again?

Once Blue gets her tournament, this Season Pass is gonna be extremely helpful for an early start.

Getting Blue in the season pass does not unlock her. As of this post there has not been an unlock chance given for Blue.



Let’s do a little survey with us forum members. I know that the majority of players are not on this forum, but it would be nice to give Ludia an idea of our opinions, as I believe we are the players that love this game the most and care for its future development.

Should there be an extension of rewards in Season 3 for the season pass?
(This means that after completing the main objective, we can still earn some wonderful rewards after we finish the main objective… say, every 250 points? Like DB and DNA. For me, this would motivate me even more to login often and enjoy the game, which is what Ludia wants, right?)

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for your input. I hope @Keith can let Ludia know the opinion of our forum, even though it’s a small number of players.


Just gotta wait until the missions roll around.


Yikes youre far already

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Despite disconnecting after victories so much, I still finished goal and have three blue…


Do you get both rewards if you upgrade to premium pass, i.e both free and paid?

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A pretty good season and I got lucky enough to get 4 Blue’s


@Heligrin yes

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@steve_parker right on :point_up:t3:

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@Keith I contacted support about this issue and they are giving me the runaround. They are asking me to send receipts so I can get refunded on my purchase. But that is not what I want, I just want the loyalty points for the first pack as I also was awarded 0 points for this one like @FiddleTheDiddle - You made it sound like a known issue, but the support staff seems confused. See ticket: 1226844

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FTR- I completed the season pass today. So definitely don’t need a refund.


Sorry for the confusion, its like a very rare occurrence. Havent had it happen before

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