Season Pass - Season 2 (Raptor Riot)

Sorry. I meant @Keith made it sound like a known issue.

Okay, so now I have finished this season with 20 days to go. We really need that extra BONEus season to spice up our life. Please Ludia, give us more rewards for being loyal gamers, even some of us are paying customers.

Every 250 points, we can rotate DB, DNA!! (No coins!!!)
Every 1000 points, why not SDNA???

You could really excite us gamers with such incentives. Please consider. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Finally did it. I unlocked Blue. Just have to wait 7 days go get Blue in my park.

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Just an FYI, you did not unlock Blue. Nobody has (legally).


I finished the free season pass several days ago and hatched that Blue. Today i went ahead and bought the premium pass and scored an additional 3 Blues. They are now sitting in the hatchery.


FYI, Ludia got me my 1300 LPs today.


Cool, I already am hatching blue

Yeah me too. I believe like 5 days now and then i have one in my park :smiley: really hope that Charlie, Echo and Delta will join tho

Ludia, please add extra rewards after the main event. Once I finish the season pass, what’s the point in all of these rewards I get for weekly and monthly? Season 3 will be the deciding factor for me.

As a wonderful character once said…

“Don’t get cheap on me, Dodgson. That was Hammond’s mistake.”


Hehe! Pulled carnoraptor out of the pack


Nice that’s cool

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Glad we can use the additional reward points; 8 packs to claim…


Will there be a way to unlock blue soon?