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Season reset. Leagues gone!

Am supposed to have been reset to 3000 trophies. Still at 3917 and am now in Dragon Arena. The leagues are gone!!!

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Incredible. No mention at all from Ludia. Another minus for the Company.
No reset, no possibility to meet other real players (only bots) for top players.
No chest, no legendary, nothing…bah.

@DungeonBorn still ok with their behaviour?


I was going to give them an hour to fix it before I got worried.


Finger crossed but I’m doubtful


From the perspective of a player who prefer PvE over PvP, the removal of the league chests combined with the retraction of suitable quest pass rewards makes PvP a complete non-starter. There seems to be little reason to participate in PvP anymore.

And yet… seems everyone was set to 1700-ish trophies according global rankings.

Quest pass rewards are back to the way they were before, but still part of VIP.

Thanks for pointing this out. However, Ludia tanked the red chests last month making them utterly useless. The only reasonable path for newer and average players to progress now is through spending large sums of cash on gems and items. The routes players like myself had have all been closed. There is no other way for them to become competitive.

[Edit - It seems many players, myself included, still have the horrendous quest pass rewards (22 levels with trash rewards). It was not corrected for all]

Nevermind…reset :slight_smile:

You folks are jumping the gun way too early, you know things are always wonky in the period just after the season ends. This is now already cleared up.

@Fizbanius no issues here on this one. But I’ll reply to your other thread in a bit, I do have a few slightly different opinions now.

And now my quest pass rewards are garbage again. I guess it was also a bug.