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Seasonal character counterpart

Hazel Terringrove is a new seasonal match, but does she have a counterpart?
I don’t want to match with her and be locked into her storyline permanently to then find out there was a counterpart I like more. Deleting the game to rematch (if there is a counterpart) isn’t an option because that would delete my entire progress.

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I haven’t come across her yet, but based off past trends the special matches like Cpt. Muffin and Tiros Darkmane who don’t have counterparts, I doubt she would as well if she’s like one of those characters. In other words if her bio is unique in that it doesn’t sound similar to anyone else’s like the previously mentioned character bios as well as those like Nicholas’s and Felicia’s bios read – they don’t align with others. Thus far, the dev team hasn’t been adding any counterparts later on either to those standalone characters either. Since she’s seasonal though I doubt there will be a counterpart to her as they would likely have been released along side her considering her status as a seasonal character vs being a regular one.


As we draw closer and closer to Samhain and the veil between worlds becomes its thinnest, contact with the “Other Side” becomes more and more possible.
This time, however, it appears that only one has been able to pierce through the veil and make contact!


Is she a witch or just an over zealous member of the local Shakespeare society doing cosplay?

Either way she’s hot!

I didn’t match with her though. I thought maybe she didn’t have any content like Felicia or Skye.

Or maybe I’m just too ugly for them :sob:.

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Based on her bio, it’s safe to say she’s a witch! “So mote it be” is an affirmation practitioners use!

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“An over zealous member of the local Shakespeare society doing cosplay”

That got me, I’m dying. :joy: I’m really curious about her, but she remains elusive for me, so I haven’t yet seen her appear once even though I updated the app. Hopefully soon.

EDIT: She finally appeared and thinking about your comment as I was reading her conversation made what you said even funnier because MC has the option to comment saying she sounds like a Shakespearian sonnet.

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Hah. I thought that was a typo :grin:.

I’ve only seen her once and she didn’t match so I guess I’ll just have to wait. I assume there will be a date involving a cave and a caldron full of newt eyes or something…

Does she have cat familiar or a broomstick?

Yes!! I matched with Hazel, I’m in!!!

She’s hilarious! It’s like being in a Neil Gaiman graphic novel :laughing::laughing::laughing:.


Shes definitely a unique character. I’m liking her so far, very intriguing!